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Instance Name Abbreviations Zone Type Minimum Level Realm Bosses Obtainable Set/ Ward
Sacellum Dungeon SD The Inevitable City 6-man 16 Destruction-icon.png TBC Keeper's Set
Altdorf Sewers Sewers Altdorf 6-man 16 Order-icon.png TBC Keeper's Set
Gunbad GB The Badlands 6-man 31 Order-icon.pngDestruction-icon.png Right Wing

Brood Mother Szikalax, Masta Wrangla Glix, Elder Kizzig da Waaagha, Herald of Solithex

Middle Wing

Redeye Big Oaf, Blaz da Tamin' Masta, Arathremia

Left Wing

Griblik da Stinka , Bilebane the Rager , Garrolath the Poxbearer, Kurga da Squig-Maker, Foul Mouf da 'ungry


RW:Masta Mixa

MW:'Ard ta Feed, Wight Lord Solithex

LW:Glomp da Squig Masta

Redeye Set

Lesser Ward

Sigmar Crypts C Altdorf 6-man 40 Order-icon.png Arch Lector Verrimus, Tobias The Fallen, Necromancer Malcidious Sentinel Set
Warpblade Tunnels T Altdorf 6-man 40 Order-icon.png Skiv Redwarp, Warlock Peenk, Grey Seer Quol'tik, Master Moulder Skrot Sentinel Set
Bilerot Burrows BB The Inevitable City 6-man 40 Destruction-icon.png The Bile Lord, Bartholomeus the Sickly, Ssrydian Morbidae, Maggotfiend Urhil Sentinel Set
Bloodwrought Enclave BE The Inevitable City 6-man 40 Destruction-icon.png Barakus the Godslayer, Korthuk the Raging, Yozig the Blooded, Sarloth Bloodtouched, Culius Embervine Sentinel Set
Bastion Stair BS Chaos Wastes 6-man 40 Order-icon.pngDestruction-icon.png Borzhar Rageborn, Gahlvoth Darkrage, Azuk'Thul, Urlf Daemonblessed, Garithex the Mountain, Chorek the Unstoppable, Wrackspite, Doomspike, Zekaraz the Bloodcaller, Thar'lgnan, Lord Slaurith, Kaarn the Vanquisher, Skull Lord Var'Ithrok Bloodlord Set
Hunter's Vale HV Many 6-man 40 Order-icon.pngDestruction-icon.png TBC Vale-Walker
The Lost Vale LV Avelorn 6-man 40 Order-icon.pngDestruction-icon.png TBC Dark Promise Set
Tomb Of The Vulture Lord TOVL Necropolis of Zandri 6-man 40 Order-icon.pngDestruction-icon.png TBC Tyrant Set


For dungeons in general it is advisable to have the addons Aggrometer and Buffhead.

A must have for tanks is the PvE tactic Menace.

In some encounters it can proof useful to up your video settings to be able to see all effects.

You can do this by pressing Escape -> User Settings -> Video -> Customize (performance) -> Effects -> Play Abilities effects on : All. (Effects System Detail setting wont affect the visibility).

Also make sure to Uncheck the DisableVFX box under Settings -> Server tab, otherwise no ground effect will be displayed.


  • Lockout system has changed. Previously lockout on particular NPC prevented you from entering an instance with different ID than yours if you were not a leader, now you are able to enter different instance and help defeat the boss, but you will be automagically excluded from the loot roll. Also, if there are 3 or more people in your party with lockout on the particular boss nobody in party will be eligible for the loot roll.
  • .lockout command was changed and expanded - it will now print in the chat all your current lockouts and all lockouts of your party members. In case of 3 people or more in your party with lockout for particular boss you will be informed that your party is not eligible for loot roll.
  • Issue of people with one lockout not able to enter an instance should be resolved by above changes.

Recent Patch Changes

  • You will now receive messages when entering an instance. (Additional messages when binding will also be shown incase any issues occur)
  • You can now enter an instance before the group leader, however the instance state will still be restored from the group leader.
  • You group will be soft bound to an instance when a player first enters. You can do /partyresetinstance to clear this (if you want to switch leaders for example and progress from the other players).
  • You will be bound to the new instance when you kill your first boss (if you had previously changed instance/group).
  • You will be bound to a new instance if you progress further in your new instance than your last instance.
  • Logging back into your character in an instance will now put you back into the instance and instance group.
  • Logging back into an instance after a server restart will start the instance from its saved state.
  • Being kicked out of a group while in a Dungeon will return you to the entry point.
  • You should no longer be able to join an instance and have more than 6 players.
  • Logging into the game when you were in a Dungeon or Scenario which no longer exists will now properly teleport you to the point before you entered, or if failing that your bind point. ( Before you would experience some green screens and be teleported to the city)

Source (18.02.2021): https://www.returnofreckoning.com/forum/viewtopic.php?f=42&t=43869