'Ard ta Feed

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'Ard ta Feed is one of the two endbosses of the middle wing.

He is by far the biggest and most ugliest squig in the game, but at least his encounter drops a useful item.

In gold bags you can loot the chest piece of the Redeye Set.


'ard ta feed squig storm.jpg
'ard ta feed bubbles.jpg
'ard ta feed buttons.jpg

The encounter is doable with one strong maintank. The boss should be tanked away from group, preferably against a wall or pillar.

It is helpful to enable "Monster Say" in the chat filter.

The boss has three important mechanics:

'Ard ta Feed Squig Storm:

A squig storm appears in the room and chases a random member of the group. With monster say enabled a message in chat will pop up "A squig storm chases xxxxx". If it is on the main tank, the main tank should not move and facetank both the boss and the squig storm. If the storm is on any other member, that member has to run around the room and not run into it, as it deals massive damage. Other groupmembers should avoid the storm too.

'Ard ta Feed Slime Bubbles:

Slime Bubbles will spawn from time to time in the room. From the bubbles monster 'Ard Snack will appear. If these adds get too close to the boss, 'Ard ta Feed will eat them and regain a portion of his health. Kill slime bubbles as soon as they s pawn.

'Ard ta Feed Rage:

After losing certain percentages of his health, 'Ard ta Feed will enter his rage mode and deals extra damage. Two groupmembers will have to push the two buttons in the middle of the room to placate the boss.