Herald of Solithex

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Another mandatory boss and the last one in the right wing. This encounter is a public quest as well, so gold bags include the gloves and boots of the Redeye Set.

Caution: The boss room is filled with Old Dwarf Tombstones. Dealing AOE damage around these tombstones will repeatedly spawn level 40 champion mobs (60s cooldown between each tombstone spawn).


Herald of Solithex.jpg

This hero has frontal cleave damage so it should be tanked facing away from the group. Occasionally the boss will cast purple pools on the ground which deal damage to everyone standing in them.

To see the pools video settings need to display all VFX (go to Settings Menu (Escape) -> Video Tab -> Effects & Miscellaneous -> Display Effects on : ALL.

Also Make sure "VFXDisable" is unchecked under "Server" Tab.

At 50% health, the boss spawns an add (a giant undead Ironbreaker), which can either be tanked by a strong maintank or an offtank. Be aware this add will routinely stun/disarm.

It is advisable to clear most of the adds in the room before engaging Herald of Solithex.