Necropolis of Zandri

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The Necropolis of Zandri is only available for level 40 players when there's an ongoing expedition. 15 minutes before an expedition starts players can sign up at the Expedition Quartermaster.

Spots in the expedition are limited, and the players that have collected the most Expedition Resources from RvR during the week will have priority. Expedition Resources are bound to account + realm.

If you leave land of the dead or crash, you will keep a reservation for 5 minutes, if you don't get back in that time someone else in queue will get your spot.

RvR system

On Return of Reckoning the Necropolis of Zandri is no longer a zone full of PQs. Instead it is a RvR zone where both factions fight each other, but the tomb kings are also fighting back as a faction of their own.

First faction that reaches 4000 victory points will win the expedition. Killing a player gives one victory point, and each objective connected to your base gives six victory points every two minutes. The Temple of Ualatp and Reflecting Pool objectives give double points, twelve points every two minutes. The timer is reset when an objective is captured, so you must control the objective for at least two minutes to gain any points from it.

When the expedition starts all objectives are owned and guarded by the Tomb Kings. To capture an objective all guards and enemy players near the objective need to be killed first.


The tomb kings will fight back against the invaders. As the battle progresses more and tougher patrols will spawn and roam the zone. When these reach an objective they will start reclaiming it for the tomb kings.

Guild Claims

Objectives can be claimed by guilds by planting a guild banner at them. This costs 10 Silver Scarabs. Guild members can then buy upgrades for the objective by clicking the banner.

Owning an objective gives all guild members +5% renown and loot drop chance in the zone, and another 5% near the objective. But the bonus is only active as long as the objective is connected to your base.


At each warcamp there's two mirrors that can be used for 1 Silver Scarab:

  • The Mirror of Infinity: With this mirror you can teleport to any connected and uncontested objective your realm owns.
  • The Mirror of Eternity: With this mirror you can teleport to the eternal sands of Nehekhara.


  • Silver Scarabs: This currency is used for buying upgrades for objectives and using mirrors to teleport from your base camp to other parts of the zone. After the expedition ends any unused Silver Scarabs are removed.
  • Golden Scarabs: Drops from players and some NPCs in the zone. Used for purchasing gear.
  • Golden Cartouche: Players on the winning faction receive one of these. Purchasing some gear requires this.