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A full list of Wards earned through both PvP and PvE. Click these in-game to view more information.

Wards in Return of Reckoning are character unlocks gained by equipping pieces of Armor.

To progress in the game, your character will need to unlock wards as they grow in order to equip stronger armor and weapons.

Merged Wards, Merged playstyles

Previously, PvP and PvE Wards were split. Now, they are unified, allowing players more choice than ever as they progress towards end-game gear.

Want to use PvP in order to unlock a Bloodlord Weapon? You can do that now. Want to use PvE in order to unlock Warlord and Sovereign? Also possible.

Do note that Renown Rank requirements for gear remain unchanged, so for PvP sets, doing actual PvP remains a requirement.

List of Wards

The current list of Wards is below:

Click on any ward above to see the details and specific pieces needed to earn it.

Ward Fragments

You can now use many different armor sets to unlock ward fragments, as listed in your Tome of Knowledge.

You complete a Ward when you unlock all of the associated fragments for that ward.

For most sets, this includes Boots, Gloves, Chest pieces, etc. Click on the Ward in your Tome of Knowledge and then click on the specific fragments to see which pieces your character still needs.

You can also equip pieces of different armor sets of the same Ward tier in order to unlock the full Ward. A list of acceptable same-tier sets is shown in your Tome of Knowledge when clicking on a fragment, as seen in the image on the right.

Using the right picture as an example, this means you could equip Invader Boots, a Victorious Helmet, and then only Bloodlord for the rest of your set, and you would still unlock the full Invader Ward.