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Renown is a form of PvP (Player versus Player) experience gained in Return of Reckoning.

Participate in PvP to raise your Renown Level. Nice!

Renown Points, or "RP", are granted for engaging in PvP battles of all sizes, and most renown is earned for killing enemy players.

By default, Renown numbers will appear purple in the game.

Renown Levels

Each character has a Renown Level that rises individually from their Character Rank.

By hitting new milestones, you'll level up your Renown Rank. (RR)

  • Your Renown Rank is extremely important, and higher levels are required to equip many of the strongest sets and items in the game.
  • Your Renown Rank can surpass your Character Rank, and should!

PSA: No matter how much you die, it is impossible to lose Renown. You might lose the respect of your peers, though.

Your RR, or Renown Rank, is marked by a Purple bar. (Shown here with VinyUI)

Earning Renown Points

There are many ways to earn Renown Points. These include:

  • Killing enemy players, or being in a party with those who do.
  • Running Supply boxes from Battlefield Objectives to Warcamps or Keeps.
  • Healing allies who have recently fought/killed enemy players.
  • Participating in Keep Captures, Zone locks, Scenarios, Fortresses and City Sieges.

Spending Renown Points

Each level you achieve until Renown Rank 80 can then be spent at a Renown Trainer in your Capital City.

Be sure to spend these to grant significant Renown Ability benefits to your character. You can reset and respecialize these for free without penalty.

Prior to level 40, if your Renown Rank is higher than your character level, you can only spend as many points as you have Character Levels. Once you are level 40, you can spend them all.

Renown Gain Scaling

A Shadow Warrior gains 9,000 Renown for a player kill under the boost of AAO.

The higher the Renown level of an enemy you kill in comparison to your level, the more Renown you will gain.

Likewise, if you are a highly-leveled Renown player defeating sub-40's, you won't gain as much for the kill. (Pick on people your own Rank!)

Tips for Gaining Renown

  • Take advantage of AAO ("Against All Odds") and aim for player kills, objective capping, or even supply running in zones where your faction is highly outnumbered.
    • AAO will multiply your renown gains for all of these activities, up to a maximum of 400%.
  • Pick up a Potion of Acclaim to boost your Renown gain by 25% for 72 hours. (This potion continues running even if you are logged out.) This 25% boost stacks with AAO.


  • Though the Maximum Renown Rank is 255, no player has ever legitimately achieved this.
  • At Renown Rank 85 and above, you gain access to Cosmetic benefits, like additional headgear and dyes at the Special Dye Vendor in your Capital City.
  • Upon achieving Renown Rank 80, 90, and 100, the server will broadcast your character name in an announcement to all players.
  • Renown Rank 100 is so difficult to achieve that only one player on the server has ever done so.