Tome of Knowledge

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The Tome of Knowledge (acronym ToK) is presented as a virtual book which records your character's progression throughout RoR. Entries in the ToK are "unlocked" when your character experiences them which will unfold a history of your race & career. The information in the sections are different depending on which realm you choose, Order or Destruction, though the general layout is the same. The key command to reach your ToK ingame is 'K' unless you choose to map it to a different key.

Sections of the Tome of Knowledge

The Tome of Knowledge is divided into 10 sections:

Shows a brief summary of what you've done in the game.
  • Quests
Lists all the character's current quests.
This section contains 8 parts: one per race, one for capital cities, and others for dungeons.
Lists achievements unlocked by your character.
This section contains 4 subsections; Titles, Tactics, Items, and Cards which are earned by your character.
This section has three categories by opposing realms and races.
Lists all of the important NPCs your character has met in each zone.
This section has 6 categories of mobs your character can run into. This is further split into specific species.
Lists the different armor sets discovered for your character and his wards.
  • Live Events
This is a section for live events throughout the year. (Not implemented yet)