Invader Ward

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Invader Ward

The Invader Ward is the final Ward you can achieve.

The Invader Ward is the seventh, and final, Ward set in Return of Reckoning.

To unlock this Ward, you will need to earn five Ward Fragments by equipping specific Armor pieces.

As part of the new unified PvE and RvR Ward System, you can also use the Bloodlord Set from Bastion Stair, as well as Victorious and Triumphant sets, to earn this ward.

Fragment List

To earn the fragments of the Invader Ward, equip one of the following pieces per fragment:

Fragment 1:

  • Equip Invader Boots
  • Equip Victorious Boots
  • Equip Triumphant Boots
  • Equip Bloodlord Boots

You can equip any one of the listed pieces to earn the Ward Fragment. Bastion Stair's Bloodlord set will now also complete this ward.

Fragment 2:

  • Equip Invader Gloves
  • Equip Victorious Gloves
  • Equip Triumphant Gloves
  • Equip Bloodlord Gloves

Fragment 3:

  • Equip Invader Shoulders
  • Equip Victorious Shoulders
  • Equip Triumphant Shoulders
  • Equip Bloodlord Shoulders

Fragment 4:

  • Equip Invader Helm
  • Equip Victorious Helm
  • Equip Triumphant Helm
  • Equip Bloodlord Helm

Fragment 5:

  • Equip Invader Chest
  • Equip Victorious Chest
  • Equip Triumphant Chest
  • Equip Bloodlord Chest

You can use any combination of the pieces listed above to complete the Ward.

Previously, the Bloodlord Set was part of separate PvE Wards, but these are now fully merged under the new system.

Where do I go from here?

Once you have the Invader Ward, you're able to use all gear in the game, including top-tier sets like Warlord and Sovereign, once your Renown Rank is high enough.

Every class has different builds and there is no singular "best" armor set, so be sure to ask around in-game or build combinations of different sets to compliment your preferred playstyle!