Vanquisher Ward

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Vanquisher Ward

The Vanquisher Ward requires Rank 40 to earn, and is the second-to-last Ward your character can achieve.

The Vanquisher Ward is the sixth Ward set in Return of Reckoning, and is required before earning the Invader Ward.

To unlock this Ward, you will need to earn five Ward Fragments by equipping specific Armor pieces.

As part of the new unified PvE and RvR Ward System, you can also use the Sentinel Set from City Dungeons, like Order's Crypts & Tunnels, and Destruction's Bilerot Burrow / Bloodwrought Enclave, to earn this Ward.

Fragment List

To earn the fragments of the Vanquisher Ward, equip one of the following pieces per fragment:

Fragment 1:

  • Equip Vanquisher Boots
  • Equip Oppressor Boots
  • Equip Sentinel Boots

You can equip any one of the listed pieces to earn the Ward Fragment. Your City Dungeon's Sentinel set will now also complete this ward.

Fragment 2:

  • Equip Vanquisher Gloves
  • Equip Oppressor Gloves
  • Equip Sentinel Gloves

Fragment 3:

  • Equip Vanquisher Shoulders
  • Equip Oppressor Shoulders
  • Equip Sentinel Shoulders

Fragment 4:

  • Equip Vanquisher Helm
  • Equip Oppressor Helm
  • Equip Sentinel Helm

Fragment 5:

  • Equip Vanquisher Chest
  • Equip Oppressor Chest
  • Equip Sentinel Chest

You can use any combination of the pieces listed above to complete the Ward.

Previously, the City Dungeon's Sentinel set was used for separate PvE Wards, but these are now fully merged under the new system.