Soldier Ward

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Soldier Ward

The Soldier Ward is the third in the game, and increases fragments needed to five.

The Soldier Ward is the third Ward set in Return of Reckoning, and is required before earning the Officer Ward.

Starting at Soldier, you will always need five fragments - earned by equipping Armor pieces - in order to unlock this Ward, and all future Wards of greater strength.

Fragment List

To earn the fragments of the Soldier Ward, equip one of the following pieces per fragment:

Fragment 1:

  • Equip Devastator Boots
  • Equip Duelist Boots
  • Equip Mayhem Boots
  • Equip Stalker Boots

You can equip any one of the listed pieces to earn the Ward Fragment.

Fragment 2:

  • Equip Devastator Gloves
  • Equip Duelist Gloves
  • Equip Mayhem Gloves
  • Equip Stalker Gloves

Fragment 3:

  • Equip Devastator Shoulders
  • Equip Duelist Shoulders
  • Equip Mayhem Shoulders
  • Equip Stalker Shoulders

Fragment 4:

  • Equip Devastator Helm
  • Equip Duelist Helm

Fragment 5:

  • Equip Devastator Chest
  • Equip Duelist Chest
  • Equip Mayhem Chest
  • Equip Stalker Chest

You can use any combination of the pieces listed above to complete the Ward.

  • Please note that Fragment 4 may not have a PvE equivalent for this Ward.