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These are Bestiary unlocks from the Tome of Knowledge, granted when you are killed by an opponent.

Order Only

Class Title
Dark Elf, Blackguard The Hated
Dark Elf, Disciple of Khaine The Sacrificed
Dark Elf, Sorceror The Anguished
Dark Elf, Witch Elves The Ravaged
Goblin, Shaman The Zapped
Goblin, Squig Herder Squig Bait
Orc, Black Orc The Broken
Orc, Choppa Chopping Block
Chaos, Chosen The Chosen One
Chaos, Magus The Toppled
Chaos, Marauder The Pillaged
Chaos, Zealot The Defiled

Destruction Only

Class Title
Dwarf, Engineer The Dismantled
Dwarf, Ironbreaker The Repelled
Dwarf, Runepriest The Stonewalled
Dwarf, Slayer The Thrashed
High Elf, Archmage Hexed
High Elf, Shadow Warrior The Heedless
High Elf, Swordmaster The Maimed
High Elf, White Lion The Mauled
Empire, Bright Wizard The Singed
Empire, Knight of the Blazing Sun The Crippled
Empire, Warrior Priest The Banished
Empire, Witch Hunter The Judged