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To a race given to raiding and pillaging as an accepted and encouraged societal norm, the twisted Dark Elves that form the ranks of the Black Guard espouse yet another characteristic: hate. At his very core, every member of the Dark Elf warrior elite nurses a bitter hatred that borders on madness. No living thing is exempt from this loathing, and though fueled by such intense emotion, he is not found wanting in matters of discipline. To the contrary, the iron will of the Witch King, combined with countless years of training, has focused his deeply-rooted maliciousness, and molded this hard-bitten Elf and his cohorts into a cadre of fighters feared the world over.

Tome Unlocks


Order Only

Task Rewards Order Text
Encounter a Black Guard XP: 84 N/A
Kill 25 Black Guards XP: 204 N/A
Victim Title: The Hated, XP: 336 Be Defeated by a Black Guard
Kill 100 Black Guards XP: 500 N/A
Spoils of War Pocket: Token of the Cytharai, XP: 806 Collect a specific item from a Vanquished Blackguard
Kill 1,000 Blackguards Title: Halberd Splitter, XP: 1050 N/A
What do We Have Here? Pocket: Kouran's Orders, XP: 1476 Learn about Black Guard by completing a specific task
Kill 10,000 Blackguards Title: Witch King's Woe, XP: 1416 N/A
Drop the Top Trophy: Golden Dark Elf Destroyer, One Pip, XP: 1800 Defeat the Current Highest Ranking Black Guard Player
Kill 100,000 Blackguards Trophy: Golden Dark Elf Destroyer, Two Pips, XP: 1974 N/A

Destruction Only

Task Rewards Destruction Text
What do We Have Here? Pocket: Kouran's Orders, XP: 1476 Learn about Black Guard by completing a specific task

Class Changes

  • Path of Malice's 9 point ability Get Down! is removed and replaced with Halt, Fool!, which costs 30 hatred, has a 20s cooldown, is a 3s KD and 3s snare (runs concurrently) on enemies and gives a 5s speed buff to self; if Exile is used while this buff is active, it will reduce Exile's cooldown by half.
  • Rebounding Hatred is the 15pt ability for Path of Malice and it is a 20s channel which increases parry, dodge, and disrupt avoidance by 50% and reflects damage back at attackers. Blast of Hatred is moved to core and using this ability puts all morales on a 5min cooldown.
  • None Shall Pass is now the 5pt ability in the Loathing tree (link)
  • Force of Fury is now the 13pt ability in the Loathing tree and the armor increase will now stack with everything; it will also be granted to your Dark Protector. (link)
  • In the Loathing Tree: Terrifying Foe is back to 3pt, Feeding on Pain is back to 7pt, Force of Fury is back to 9pt, Anger Drives Me is back to 11pt, and Wave of Scorn is back to 13pt (link)