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When Malekith rose up in treacherous revolt against the Phoenix King and his servants, the majority of his followers came from area of Ulthuan known as Nagarythe. Before the civil war that irrevocably divided the Elven people, Nagarythe is said to have been the greatest of all the kingdoms of Ulthuan. It was from Nagarythe that the first Phoenix King, Aenarion the Defender, held court. There were some Elves of Nagarythe that believed Malekith unfit to rule, and chose instead to support Bel-Shanaar as Aenarion's successor.

Though he was eventually defeated and forced to flee the lands of his birth, Malekith was not without resources. At the end of the civil war, the Sorceresses in the Witch King's service cast a spell that tore fragments of Ulthuan free, thereby forming the Black Arks. The resulting damage to the Island continent resulted in most of Nagarythe being swallowed by the sea, and the Elves that lived there became disinherited nomads.

Tome Unlocks

Shadow Warrior.png

Destruction Only

Task Rewards Destruction Text
Encounter a Shadow Warrior XP: 84 N/A
Kill 25 Shadow Warriors XP: 204 N/A
Victim Title: The Heedless, XP: 336 Be Defeated by a Shadow Warrior
Kill 100 Shadow Warriors XP: 500 N/A
Spoils of War Pocket: Simpleton's Guide to Silence, XP: 806 Collect a Specific Item from a Vanquished Shadow Warrior
Kill 1,000 Shadow Warriors Title: The Infiltrator, XP: 1050 N/A
What do We Have Here? Pocket: Broken Bowstring, XP: 1476 Learn about the Shadow Warrior by completing a specific task
Kill 10,000 Shadow Warriors Title: Favored of Malekith, XP: 1800 N/A
Drop the Top Trophy: Golden High Elf Eliminator, One Pip, XP: 1800 Defeat the Current Highest Ranking Shadow Warrior Player
Kill 100,000 Shadow Warriors Trophy: Golden High Elf Eliminator, Two Pips, XP: 1974 N/A

Order Only

Task Rewards Order Text
What do We Have Here? Pocket: Broken Bowstring, XP: 1476 Learn about the Shadow Warrior by completing a specific task

Class Changes

  • Guerrilla Training is Scout 7pt
  • Enchanted Arrows is Scout 11pt and causes all attacks from the Path of the Scout to inflict Corporeal damage. Festering Arrow and Flame Arrow will also bypass 50% of your opponent's resistances.
  • Outrider Patrol morale 2 reduced to 30ft (link)
  • New 15pt Assault ability, Shadowstep is a 2s cast, 20s cooldown, 65ft range ability that works as a gap closer. Upon use, it grants a 10s buff to increase parry, dodge, and disrupt by 25% and increase autoattack speed by 25%. (link)
    • Whirling Rage, the former 15pt Assault m4 is moved to core (req level 40). Using this ability will put all other morales on a 5min cooldown.
  • Wrist Slash tactic now has a 25% chance to apply the stat steal, rather than 100% (link)
  • Leading Shots tactic critical hit rate reduced from 15% to 8%
  • Assault stance grants +10% Parry (link), converts Dodge Strikethrough from gear to Parry Strikethrough (link), increases melee autoattack damage by 65% (link), has ranged autoattacks disabled (link), and melee attacks will have a 25% chance to increase autoattack speed by 33% for 5 seconds (link).
  • Morale 2 ability Unshakeable Focus now removes and ignores all taunts and detaunts on you for 7 seconds (link)
  • Swift Strikes will grant a movement speed bonus while being channeled (link)
  • Merciless Soldier has had the AP reduction benefit removed and now grants a 50% critical damage increase to these abilities: Opportunistic Strike, Grim Slash, Exploit Weakness, Counterstrike, Brutal Assault, and Sweeping Slash; it will also grant a 25% critical chance increase to these abilities: Draw Blood and Swift Strikes. (link)
  • Flanking Shot from the Skirmish tree is now a core ability (link)
  • Barrage is the 5pt ability in the Skirmish tree (link)
  • Shadow Sting is the 9pt ability in the Skirmish tree (link)
  • Eye Shot is the 13pt ability in the Skirmish tree (link)
  • Fell the Weak gains its increased damage modifier at 30% target hp, up from 20% (link)
  • Reduced the AP cost of the No Quarter tactic to 13, down from 20 (link)