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Learn the Scavenging skill at the capital city of your realm. The "Scavenger" NPC will teach you the specialization. Pair this with the trade skill Talisman Making.

Leveling Scavenging

  • Leveling up the gathering skill, Scavenging, happens through the killing and looting of humanoid type NPCs in Return of Reckoning. When you kill the humanoid NPC, right click on the corpse or use your loot hotkey to first obtain whatever items and coin dropped from the mob, then right click or loot hotkey again to obtain a scavenging material from the corpse.
  • Once a material is successfully looted, the corpse will disappear.
  • The level of material that drops is first checked by your skill level, then by NPC level. It's a simple calculation: if you want material of a specific level, divide the material level by 5. This represents the minimum level mob that will drop the material. You can kill mobs within the range of four levels above that. For example, if I want to obtain level 50 materials, I need to farm level 10-14 mobs. 50 divided by 5 equals 10, plus 4 is 14. Level 15 mobs will drop level 75 materials.
  • You can only receive materials within the range of your skill level. For example, if you are killing level 20 mobs to get level 100 materials to drop, but your skill level in Scavenging is 92, you will only receive level 75 materials and lower.
  • Each humanoid corpse you loot will have a chance to level your Scavenging skill by one point, as long as it is within or above your skill level. For example, say my Scavenging is currently level 75, and I'm killing level 20-24 mobs (which drop level 100 materials). I'll have a very good chance to level my Scavenging up through level 100. If I'm killing level 15-19 mobs (which drop level 75 materials), I'll have a normal chance to level my Scavenging through 75 (I might see a slow-down somewhere around 90 because the chance to level is shrinking as I continue leveling up); and if I'm killing level 10-14 mobs (which drop level 50 materials), I'll have a very low, or zero, chance to increase my Scavenging past 75.
  • Only Champion NPCs and above will drop purple fragments. Normal NPCs will drop Common (white), Uncommon (green), and Rare (blue) fragments.
  • The maximum level for all gathering and trade skills is 200.
  • Any class can Scavenge, but if you're going to have one character with each gathering skill (Butchering, Cultivating, Salvaging), it's good to consider learning Scavenging on a class that can farm Champions easily. Scavenging can be an effective gathering skill for classes with reasonable single target damage and high sustain or kite potential. Shadow Warrior, Warrior Priest, Disciple of Khaine, Marauder, and Squig Herder all make good Scavengers.

List of Enabled Materials Obtained Through Scavenging

You can obtain gold dust and curios from scavenging humanoid corpses for Talisman Making, as well as fragments. Gold Dust can also be obtained through Salvaging, but Curios and some fragments can only be obtained through Scavenging. For a list of fragments, please visit the Talisman Making page. Curios and Gold Dust are listed below.

Material Level Effect Name
1 Curio Mojo Coin
25 Curio Rabbit's Foot
50 Curio Ghostly Knucklebones
75 Curio Bizarre Pendant
100 Curio Thaumaturgic Seal
125 Curio Pilgrim's Prayer Beads
150 Curio Steelcap Mushroom
175 Curio Sabretusk Canine
200 Curio Forgotten Soldier's Insignia
1 Gold Dust Impure Gold Dust
25 Gold Dust Coarse Gold Dust
50 Gold Dust Granulated Gold Dust
75 Gold Dust Powdery Gold Dust
100 Gold Dust Crude Gold Dust
125 Gold Dust Fine Gold Dust
150 Gold Dust Refined Gold Dust
175 Gold Dust Polished Gold Dust
200 Gold Dust Flawless Gold Dust