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A Warrior Priest of Sigmar is a fearsome master of battle and tireless defender of the faith. These holy warriors are the hammer of the church, serving in both defense of the Empire and the furtherance of the churchs goals. A deadly melee fighter, the Warrior Priest relies on the blessings of his god to protect him in combat. His zeal for battle further reinforces his Righteous Fury, spreading the strength that Righteous Fury provides to his companions and allies. With the might of the divine strengthening his arm and protecting the faithful, the Warrior Priest is a lethal combatant and potent supporting character all at the same time.

Warrior Priest Specialty

For the Warrior Priest, faith is life. Sigmar demands bravery in defense of the Empire, and he grants the greatest blessings to those who demonstrate this trait. A Warrior Priests Righteous Fury grows strong with every swing of his arm against the Empires foes. As his Righteous Fury grows, his powers expand as enemies are smitten more fiercely and allies are protected from greater harm. With sufficient Righteous Fury, the divine power invested in his righteous litanies and sermons is extended beyond his immediate circle of Righteous Fury to all those who can hear his words.

Playing as a Warrior Priest

As a Warrior Priest, your place is in battle. Your Righteous Fury grows as you strike down the enemy in Sigmars name, and your divine powers grow with Righteous Fury. Thus, to reach the peak of your power you must join in the fight. Your prayers bear the power of your god to take life, or give it back, but they are designed to compliment your melee capabilities. Your blessings bring powerful boons to those around you, but you must be close to the fight for your words to reach them. To do your job you must place yourself at risk, but it is in this risky position which you are most powerful.

Fighting against a Warrior Priest

A Warrior Priest can be a deadly opponent, and a very difficult one to kill if you are not prepared to counter both his melee and divine capabilities. His faith is a strong shield, and so to defeat him you must break that Righteous Fury, either by denying him the ability to gain it, or by preventing him from using it. Denying his Righteous Fury means engaging him without letting him engage you – a sound strategy for a ranged attacker – but disrupting his divine abilities will be a better strategy for those who must close with him to fight. Without the powers of his Righteous Fury, the Warrior Priest will become far more vulnerable to your assault.

Career Masteries

The Warrior Priests worship Sigmar, the now-deified warrior who united the tribes of man and formed the Empire long ago. In honor of their legendary patron, the Warrior Priests seek to follow in Sigmars warrior path by purifying the Empire with equal measures of prayer and might. They march into battle shouting holy scriptures even as they bring their blessed warhammers to bear in the name of their god. By proving their devotion and righteousness through valor in combat, they are rewarded with divine powers, which manifest in the form of potent healing abilities. Their presence on the front lines of battle serves as a constant inspiration to the soldiers who march in defense of the Empire. Sigmar is a warrior god, and his priests gain divine favor only by fighting to defend the Empire that he built. The holy symbol of Sigmar is a hammer, and the Warrior Priests have adopted the warhammer as their weapon of choice in honor of their patron. The Righteous Fury of Sigmar fills the Warrior Priest with each swing of their weapon, and this divine power can then be used to fuel their healing magic. This becomes something of both a freedom and a restriction for the Warrior Priest - since all of his magic is powered by Righteous Fury, he can throw himself wholeheartedly into melee combat and then still have resources left to heal with, but at the same time, his healing capabilities become dramatically more limited when there are no enemies in arms reach.

Path of Salvation

The Path of Salvation focuses on divine magic, primarily healing abilities. A player who specializes in Salvation will become a much more powerful healer, although they will still need to place themselves into the front lines of a melee combat in order to build up their Righteous Fury.

Path of Grace

The Path of Grace is centered around melee attacks which inspire and bolster the Warrior Priest and his allies. A Master of Grace will be able to simultaneously wreak havoc upon his enemies with his warhammer and improve himself and his companions, making him an especially valuable player when standing side-by-side with other allies.

Path of Wrath

The Path of Wrath is focused on crippling melee attacks which weaken, hinder, and harass the players opponents. Someone who specializes in Wrath will certainly be the most offensively-focused type of Warrior Priest, as they will be both damaging their enemies and weakening them with each swing of their warhammer.

Class Changes

  • Soulfire is now a 1s cast but a 4s cooldown to prevent it being spammed with no target as a RF generator (link)
  • New ability added to 15pts in Wrath, In Pursuit, removes snares, roots, disarms, and silencing effects, makes you immune from snares for 5s, and increases your movement speed by 50 while active. Cooldown is 5min. 2h hammer required. (link)
  • The core tactic, Divine Fury, now reduces the cooldown of In Pursuit from 5min to 30s. (link)
  • The Wrath m4, Avatar of Sigmar, is moved to core, requires level 40, and will place all morales on a 5min cooldown if used. If any other morale is used instead, the normal 60s cooldown applies. (link)
  • 2h hammers now grant additional parry strikethrough (link)
  • Hammer of Sigmar requires a 2h hammer to use. It will also always critically hit when improved.
  • Sigmar's Grace is set to a range of 30ft
  • Absence of Faith now has a cooldown of 10 seconds and debuffs incoming healing by 50% (link)
  • The Guilty Soul tactic will not refresh itself on the target (link)
  • Sigmar's Shield no longer heals if you don't have enough Righteous Fury for it, only drains 10 Fury on heal (down from 20), and lasts for 10s (down from 20s) (link)
  • Cleansing Power will cause you to cleanse either yourself or your groupmates, instead of your entire group
  • Prayer of Righteousness has an internal cooldown of 1s
  • Resurrection Illness now applies a 25% stat debuff, down from 50%, still excluding wounds (link)