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Learn the Salvaging skill at the capital city of your realm. The "Salvager" NPC will teach you the specialization. Pair this with the trade skill Talisman Making.

Leveling Salvaging

  • Leveling up Salvaging requires you to salvage items for crafting materials. Every item you salvage has a chance to level up your Salvaging skill.
  • Not every item in the game is able to be salvaged, but most items that can be traded are able to be broken down for parts.
  • The level of item you salvage determines the crafting material that will be generated from the item, with a check on your Salvaging skill. To figure out what material you'll receive, simply multiply the item level of the item you're salvaging by 5, round down to the nearest multiple of 25, and note that the rarity of the item will generate the fragment delivered. For example, if I have a level 22 uncommon (green) item to salvage, it will return a level 100 uncommon fragment, as long as my Salvaging is at least 100 (22 times 5 equals 110, rounded down to the nearest multiple of 25 is 100). Note that this operates off of the item level of the gear, not the minimum level requirement.
  • The maximum level for all gathering and trade skills is 200.
  • Any class can Salvage, but if you're going to have one character with each gathering skill (Butchering, Cultivating, Scavenging), it's good to consider learning Salvaging on a class that you play often, potentially your main character. The reason for this is because the items that you obtain from epic quests, RvR influence rewards, etc. cannot be traded, but they can be salvaged. By leveling your salvaging and obtaining relatively easy purple fragments from breaking down RvR reward gear on your first, or main, character in the game, it can jumpstart you in successful talisman making.

List of Enabled Materials Obtained Through Salvaging

You can obtain gold dust and essences from salvaging items for Talisman Making, as well as fragments. Gold Dust can also be obtained through Scavenging, but essences and some fragments can only be obtained through Salvaging. For a list of fragments, please visit the Talisman Making page. Essences and Gold Dust are listed below.

Material Level Effect Name
1 Essence Silent Essence
25 Essence Dormant Essence
50 Essence Subdued Essence
75 Essence Murmuring Essence
100 Essence Humming Essence
125 Essence Chattering Essence
150 Essence Clamoring Essence
175 Essence Singing Essence
200 Essence Harmonious Essence
1 Gold Dust Impure Gold Dust
25 Gold Dust Coarse Gold Dust
50 Gold Dust Granulated Gold Dust
75 Gold Dust Powdery Gold Dust
100 Gold Dust Crude Gold Dust
125 Gold Dust Fine Gold Dust
150 Gold Dust Refined Gold Dust
175 Gold Dust Polished Gold Dust
200 Gold Dust Flawless Gold Dust