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Learn the Butchering skill at the capital city of your realm. The "Butcher" NPC will teach you the specialization. Pair this with the trade skill Apothecary.

Leveling Butchering

  • Leveling up your new gathering skill, Butchering, happens through the killing and looting of animal type NPCs in Return of Reckoning. When you kill the animal NPC, right click on the corpse or use your loot hotkey to first obtain whatever items and coin dropped from the mob, then right click or loot hotkey again to obtain a butchering material from the corpse.
  • Once a material is successfully looted, the corpse will disappear.
  • The level of material that drops is first checked by your skill level, then by NPC level. It's a simple calculation: if you want material of a specific level, divide the material level by 5. This represents the minimum level mob that will drop the material. You can kill mobs within the range of four levels above that. For example, if I want to obtain level 50 materials, I need to farm level 10-14 mobs. 50 divided by 5 equals 10, plus 4 is 14. Level 15 mobs will drop level 75 materials.
  • You can only receive materials within the range of your skill level. For example, if you are killing level 20 mobs to get level 100 materials to drop, but your skill level in Butchering is 87, you will only receive level 75 materials and lower.
  • Each animal corpse you loot will have a chance to level your Butchering skill by one point, as long as it is within or above your skill level. For example, say my Butchering is currently level 75, and I'm killing level 20-24 mobs (which drop level 100 materials). I'll have a very good chance to level my Butchering up through level 100. If I'm killing level 15-19 mobs (which drop level 75 materials), I'll have a normal chance to level my Butchering through 75 (I might see a slow-down somewhere around 90 because the chance to level is shrinking as I continue leveling up); and if I'm killing level 10-14 mobs (which drop level 50 materials), I'll have a very low, or zero, chance to increase my Butchering past 75.
  • The maximum level for all gathering and trade skills is 200.
  • Any class can Butcher, but if you're going to have one character with each gathering skill (Cultivating, Salvaging, and Scavenging), it's good to consider learning Butchering on a class that can farm groups of mobs easily. Butchering can be an effective gathering skill for classes with high sustain and reasonable aoe damage. Engineer, Slayer, Magus, and Marauder can all make good Butchers.

Butchering Locations

Tier 1

The Blighted Isle
Mount Bloodhorn

Tier 2

Barak Varr
Marshes of Madness
Troll Country

List of Enabled Materials Obtained Through Butchering

Material Level Effect Name Animal Type Butchering Location
1 Armor Shattered Scale Wyvern, Lizard The Blighted Isle
25 Armor Thin Scale Wyvern, Lizard Chrace, The Blighted Isle
25 Armor Brittle Chitin Shard Scorpion Chrace, The Blighted Isle
50 Armor Torn Scale Wyvern, Lizard
50 Armor Thin Chitin Shard Scorpion
75 Armor Brittle Scale Wyvern, Lizard
75 Armor Worn Chitin Shard Scorpion
100 Armor Worn Scale Wyvern, Lizard
100 Armor Scorpion
125 Armor Wyvern, Lizard
125 Armor Scorpion
150 Armor Thick Scale Wyvern, Lizard
150 Armor Scorpion
175 Armor Supple Scale Wyvern, Lizard
175 Armor Glossy Chitin Shard Scorpion
200 Armor Firebreath Scale Wyvern, Lizard
200 Armor Scorpion
1 Ballistic Skill Tattered Feather Vulture, Eagle Norsca
25 Ballistic Skill Mangled Plume Vulture, Eagle Mount Bloodhorn, The Blighted Isle
50 Ballistic Skill Torn Feather Vulture, Eagle
75 Ballistic Skill Dull Plume Vulture, Eagle
100 Ballistic Skill Worn Feather Vulture, Eagle
125 Ballistic Skill Vulture, Eagle
150 Ballistic Skill Chromatic Feather Vulture, Eagle
175 Ballistic Skill Flawless Plume Vulture, Eagle
200 Ballistic Skill Pristine Feather Vulture, Eagle
50 Corporeal Resistance Worn Cockatrice Plume Cockatrice
75 Corporeal Resistance Brittle Cockatrice Plume Cockatrice
100 Corporeal Resistance Cockatrice
125 Corporeal Resistance Cockatrice
150 Corporeal Resistance Cockatrice
175 Corporeal Resistance Cockatrice
200 Corporeal Resistance Cockatrice
1 Elemental Resistance Rotting Daemon Flesh Daemon
25 Elemental Resistance Daemon
50 Elemental Resistance Blistered Daemon Flesh Daemon
75 Elemental Resistance Torn Daemon Flesh Daemon
100 Elemental Resistance Dry Daemon Flesh Daemon
125 Elemental Resistance Fresh Daemon Flesh Daemon
150 Elemental Resistance Pristine Daemon Flesh Daemon
175 Elemental Resistance Binding Daemon Sinew Daemon
200 Elemental Resistance Chaos-Imbued Daemon Flesh Daemon
1 Energy
25 Energy
50 Energy Cracked Manticore Fang Manticore Chrace
75 Energy
100 Energy
125 Energy
150 Energy
175 Energy
200 Energy Mane Lord's Fang
1 Fiery Breath Damaged Lizard Tongue Lizard The Blighted Isle
25 Fiery Breath Mangled Lizard Tongue Lizard The Blighted Isle
50 Fiery Breath Bloody Lizard Tongue Lizard
75 Fiery Breath Severed Lizard Tongue Lizard
100 Fiery Breath Large Lizard Tongue Lizard
125 Fiery Breath Monstrous Lizard Tongue Lizard
150 Fiery Breath Pristine Lizard Tongue Lizard
175 Fiery Breath Flawless Lizard Tongue Lizard
200 Fiery Breath Gruesome Lizard Tongue Lizard
1 Healing Weak Ichor Spider, Scorpion Ekrund, Nordland, The Blighted Isle
25 Healing Thin Ichor Spider, Scorpion Chrace, Nordland, Norsca, The Blighted Isle
50 Healing Milky Ichor Spider, Scorpion Norsca
75 Healing Waxy Ichor Spider, Scorpion
100 Healing Syrupy Ichor Spider, Scorpion
125 Healing
150 Healing Thick Wyvern Blood Wyvern
175 Healing Viscous Wyvern Blood Wyvern
175 Healing Flowing Ichor Spider, Scorpion
200 Healing Fang Lord's Blood
200 Healing Mottled Ichor Spider, Scorpion
1 Intelligence Shattered Unicorn Horn Unicorn The Blighted Isle
25 Intelligence Carious Unicorn Horn Unicorn The Blighted Isle
50 Intelligence Unicorn
75 Intelligence Short Unicorn Horn Unicorn
100 Intelligence Unicorn
125 Intelligence Unicorn
150 Intelligence Unicorn
175 Intelligence Unicorn
200 Intelligence Unicorn
1 Multiplier Crusty Squig Bits Squig Mount Bloodhorn
25 Multiplier Crumbly Squig Bits Squig Mount Bloodhorn
50 Multiplier Squig
75 Multiplier Squishy Squig Bits Squig
100 Multiplier Crunchy Squig Bits Squig
125 Multiplier Steaming Squig Bits Squig
175 Multiplier Whole Lotta Squig Bits Squig
200 Multiplier Special Squig Bits Squig
1 Restoration Watery Wolf Blood Wolf Norsca
1 Restoration Foul Animal Humor Any
25 Restoration Thin Wolf Blood Wolf Mount Bloodhorn, Nordland, Norsca, The Blighted Isle
25 Restoration Putrid Animal Humor Any
50 Restoration Runny Wolf Blood Wolf Mount Bloodhorn, Nordland, Norsca
50 Restoration Decomposed Animal Humor Any
75 Restoration Stale Animal Humor Any
75 Restoration Clotted Wolf Blood Wolf
100 Restoration Flowing Wolf Blood Wolf
100 Restoration Fresh Animal Humor Any
125 Restoration Mottled Animal Humor Any
150 Restoration Hazy Animal Humor Any
175 Restoration Clear Animal Humor Any
200 Restoration Pristine Animal Humor Any
1 Shielding Emaciated Bat Wing Bat Mount Bloodhorn
25 Shielding Anorexic Bat Wing Bat Chrace, Mount Bloodhorn, Nordland
50 Shielding Scrawny Bat Wing Bat Chrace, Nordland
75 Shielding Wizened Bat Wing Bat
100 Shielding Bat
125 Shielding Bat
150 Shielding Bat
175 Shielding Bat
200 Shielding Bat
1 Slow Wattery Rat Spittle Rat
1 Stabilizer Wild Zoic Gore Any
25 Stabilizer Primal Zoic Gore Any
50 Stabilizer Untamed Zoic Gore Any
75 Stabilizer Feral Zoic Gore Any
100 Stabilizer Ferocious Zoic Gore Any
125 Stabilizer Mad Zoic Gore Any
150 Stabilizer Viscous Zoic Gore Any
175 Stabilizer Savage Zoic Gore Any
200 Stabilizer Brutal Zoic Gore Any
1 Strength Shattered Feline Tooth Cat The Blighted Isle
25 Strength Carious Feline Tooth Cat Chrace
25 Strength Carious Bear Tooth Bear Chrace, Norsca, The Blighted Isle
50 Strength Rotting Feline Tooth Cat Chrace
50 Strength Rotting Bear Tooth Bear Norsca
75 Strength Fractured Feline Tooth Cat
75 Strength Fractured Bear Tooth Bear
100 Strength Worn Feline Tooth Cat
100 Strength Worn Bear Tooth Bear
125 Strength Bloody Feline Tooth Cat
125 Strength Bloody Bear Tooth Bear
150 Strength Pristine Feline Tooth Cat
150 Strength Pristine Bear Tooth Bear
175 Strength Viscous Feline Tooth Cat
175 Strength Viscous Bear Tooth Bear
200 Strength Special Feline Tooth Cat
200 Strength Special Bear Tooth Bear
1 Super-critical Watery Porcine Bile Boar Mount Bloodhorn, Nordland
25 Super-critical Thin Porcine Bile Boar Chrace, Mount Bloodhorn, Nordland
50 Super-critical Runny Porcine Bile Boar Chrace, Mount Bloodhorn
75 Super-critical Clotted Porcine Bile Boar
100 Super-critical Flowing Porcine Bile Boar
125 Super-critical Thick Porcine Bile Boar
150 Super-critical Viscous Porcine Bile Boar
175 Super-critical Savage Porcine Bile Boar
200 Super-critical Boar
1 Toughness Weak Arachnid Venom Spider, Scorpion Ekrund, Nordland, The Blighted Isle
25 Toughness Thin Arachnid Venom Spider, Scorpion Chrace, Nordland, Norsca, The Blighted Isle
50 Toughness Milky Arachnid Venom Spider, Scorpion Norsca
75 Toughness Acrid Arachnid Venom Spider, Scorpion
100 Toughness Thick Arachnid Venom Spider, Scorpion
125 Toughness Spider, Scorpion
150 Toughness Spider, Scorpion
175 Toughness Caustic Arachnid Venom Spider, Scorpion
200 Toughness Pristine Arachnid Venom Spider, Scorpion
1 Willpower Shattered Canine Tooth Wolf Norsca
25 Willpower Carious Canine Tooth Wolf Mount Bloodhorn, Nordland, Norsca, The Blighted Isle
50 Willpower Smooth Cat Sinew Cat
50 Willpower Rotting Canine Tooth Wolf Mount Bloodhorn, Nordland, Norsca
75 Willpower Furtive Cat Sinew Cat
75 Willpower Fractured Canine Tooth Wolf
100 Willpower Resilient Cat Sinew Cat
100 Willpower Worn Canine Tooth Wolf
125 Willpower Gibbous Cat Sinew Cat
125 Willpower Bloody Canine Tooth Wolf
150 Willpower Fine Cat Sinew Cat
150 Willpower Pristine Canine Tooth Wolf
175 Willpower Strong Cat Sinew Cat
175 Willpower Caustic Canine Tooth Wolf
200 Willpower Pristine Cat Sinew Cat
200 Willpower Wolf
75 Thorny Fractured Daemon Vine
100 Thorny Worn Daemon Vine
175 Thorny Viscous Daemon Vine