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Learn the Cultivating skill at the capital city of your realm. The "Cultivator" NPC will teach you the specialization. Pair this with the trade skill Apothecary.

Leveling Cultivating

  • First thing's first: enable the Add-on Miracle Grow Remix (press Esc --> Customize Interface --> Mods/Add-ons --> then Enable the Add-on)
  • At level one Cultivating, you'll only be able to Cultivate one seed at a time. At 50, you get another slot; at 100, a third; and at 150, a fourth.
  • Currently it is more cost effective not to purchase any of the Cultivating materials like soil and water. Just grow each seed by itself with no additives.
  • To start, simply purchase four level one seeds from one of the Craft Supply Merchants. Grow seeds using your Miracle Grow Add-on box.
  • Once complete, click the Harvest or Repeat Last Grow button in the add-on.
  • When you successfully harvest a seed, a plant will appear in your crafting window (in your backpack) that corresponds to the seed created. You can now either use that plant to create a potion through Apothecary, or you can convert the plant into another seed via CTRL+right click.
  • In some cases while leveling Cultivating, you'll create a plant in the next tier, i.e. you'll create a level 25 plant from a level 1 seed. Make sure to convert these plants into seeds along the way so you have plenty to start crafting when you reach level 25 Cultivating.
  • The maximum level for all gathering and trade skills is 200.
  • Any class can Cultivate, but if you're looking to have one character with each gathering skill (Butchering, Salvaging, and Scavenging), it's good to consider learning Cultivating on a class that may not be able to farm easily. Since you don't need to kill anything, Cultivating can be an effective gathering skill for classes with low damage output (like some healing and tank classes).

List of enabled Materials for Cultivating in RoR

Material Level Effect Seed Plant Visual
1 Ballistic Skill Woolly Thief's Nettle Seed Woolly Thief's Nettle
1 Corp Resist Pebbled Gravelnuts Seed Pebbled Gravelnuts
1 Energy Swaying Dandedragon Seed Swaying Dandedragon
1 Flame Breath Smoking Argost Creep Seed Smoking Argost Creep
1 Healing Glossy Spumepetal Seed Glossy Spumepetal
1 Intelligence Motley Smedleycap Spore Motley Smedleycap
1 Molotov Smoking Pyre Ivy Seed Smoking Pyre Ivy
1 Napalm Simmering Ashberry Seed Simmering Ashberry
1 Restoration Musty Elvish Parsley Seed Musty Elvish Parsley
1 Spirit Resist Wispy Spiderfrond Seed Wispy Spiderfrond
1 Strength Wispy Beardweed Seed Wispy Beardweed
1 Willpower Petulant Grumpleaf Seed Petulant Grumpleaf
1 Extender Callous Gobswort Spore Callous Gobswort
1 Multiplier Dusty Fusk Spore Dusty Fusk
1 Stabilizer Prickly Goldweed Seed Prickly Goldweed
1 Stimulant Sullen Marshroot Seed Sullen Marshroot
25 Ballistic Skill Wiry Thief's Nettle Seed Wiry Thief's Nettle
25 Corp Resist Jagged Gravelnuts Seed Jagged Gravelnuts
25 Energy Capering Dandedragon Seed Capering Dandedragon
25 Flame Breath Charred Argost Creep Seed Charred Argost Creep
25 Healing Blistered Spumepetal Seed Blistered Spumepetal
25 Intelligence Blotchy Smedleycap Spore Blotchy Smedleycap
25 Molotov Charred Pyre Ivy Seed Charred Pyre Ivy
25 Napalm Festering Ashberry Seed Festering Ashberry
25 Restoration Bitter Elvish Parsley Seed Bitter Elvish Parsley
25 Spirit Resist Brittle Spiderfrond Seed Brittle Spiderfrond
25 Strength Brittle Beardweed Seed Brittle Beardweed
25 Willpower Frowning Grumpleaf Seed Frowning Grumpleaf
25 Extender Scabrous Gobswort Spore Scabrous Gobswort
25 Multiplier Sandy Fusk Spore Sandy Fusk
25 Stabilizer Glinting Goldweed Seed Glinting Goldweed
25 Stimulant Fretting Marshroot Seed Fretting Marshroot
50 Ballistic Skill Scattered Thief's Nettle Seed Scattered Thief's Nettle
50 Corp Resist Striding Gravelnuts Seed Striding Gravelnuts
50 Energy Tufted Dandedragon Seed Tufted Dandedragon
50 Flame Breath Grasping Argost Creep Seed Grasping Argost Creep
50 Healing Swollen Spumepetal Seed Swollen Spumepetal
50 Intelligence Rotting Smedleycap Spore Rotting Smedleycap
50 Molotov Fuzzy Prye Ivy Seed Fuzzy Prye Ivy
50 Napalm Seething Ashberry Seed Seething Ashberry
50 Restoration Grasping Elvish Parsley Seed Grasping Elvish Parsley
50 Spirit Resist Vile Spiderfrond Seed Vile Spiderfrond
50 Strength Arching Beardweed Seed Arching Beardweed
50 Willpower Wiry Grumpleaf Seed Wiry Grumpleaf
50 Extender Coarse Gobswort Spore Coarse Gobswort
50 Multiplier Burgundy Fusk Spore Burgundy Fusk
50 Stabilizer Spiny Goldweed Seed Spiny Goldweed
50 Stimulant Cross Marshroot Seed Cross Marshroot
75 Ballistic Skill Scurfy Thief's Nettle Seed Scurfy Thief's Nettle
75 Corp Resist Cantering Gravelnuts Seed Cantering Gravelnuts
75 Energy Wispy Dandedragon Seed Wispy Dandedragon
75 Flame Breath Clawing Argost Creep Seed Clawing Argost Creep
75 Healing Bloated Spumepetal Seed Bloated Spumepetal
75 Intelligence Blighted Smedleycap Spore Blighted Smedlycap
75 Molotov Patchy Pyre Ivy Seed Patchy Pyre Ivy
75 Napalm Fulminating Ashberry Seed Fulminating Ashberry
75 Restoration Mordant Elvish Parsley Seed Mordant Elvish Parsley
75 Spirit Resist Noxious Spiderfrond Seed Noxious Spiderfrond
75 Strength Curling Beardweed Seed Curling Beardweed
75 Willpower Hairy Grumpleaf Seed Hairy Grumpleaf
75 Extender Wiry Gobswort Spore Wiry Gobswort
75 Multiplier Scarlet Fusk Spore Scarlet Fusk
75 Stabilizer Glimmering Goldweed Seed Glimmering Goldweed
75 Stimulant Gruff Marshrood Seed Gruff Marshroot
100 Ballistic Skill Whiskered Thief's Nettle Seed Whiskered Thief's Nettle
100 Corp Resist Needled Gravelnuts Seed Needled Gravelnuts
100 Energy Wiry Dandedragon Seed Wiry Dandedragon
100 Flame Breath Curling Argost Creep Seed Curling Argost Creep
100 Healing Shooting Spumepetal Seed Shooting Spumepetal
100 Intelligence Crusted Smedleycap Spore Crusted Smedleycap
100 Molotov Wavering Pyre Ivy Seed Wavering Pyre Ivy
100 Napalm Smoldering Ashberry Seed Smoldering Ashberry
100 Restoration Pygmy Elvish Parsley Seed Pygmy Elvish Parsley
100 Spirit Resist Waving Spiderfrond Seed Waving Spiderfrond
100 Strength Pasty Beardweed Seed Pasty Beardweed
100 Willpower Ropy Grumpleaf Seed Ropy Grumpleaf
100 Extender Rose Gobswort Spore Rose Gobswort
100 Multiplier Cloudy Fusk Spore Cloudy Fusk
100 Stabilizer Thorny Goldweed Seed Thorny Goldweed
100 Stimulant Provoked Marshroot Seed Provoked Marshroot
125 Ballistic Skill Shaggy Thief's Nettle Seed Shaggy Thief's Nettle
125 Corp Resist Sharp Gravelnuts Seed Sharp Gravelnuts
125 Energy Snickering Dandedragon Seed Snickering Dandedragon
125 Flame Breath Coiled Argost Creep Seed Coiled Argost Creep
125 Healing Pitching Spumepetal Seed Pitching Spumepetal
125 Intelligence Caked Smedleycap Spore Caked Smedleycap
125 Molotov Whispering Pyre Ivy Seed Whispering Pyre Ivy
125 Napalm Burning Ashberry Seed Burning Ashberry
125 Restoration Dwarf Elvish Parsley Seed Dwarf Elvish Parsley
125 Spirit Resist Swollen Spiderfrond Seed Swollen Spiderfrond
125 Strength Slimy Beardweed Seed Slimy Beardweed
125 Willpower Unkempt Grumpleaf Seed Unkempt Grumpleaf
125 Extender Carmine Gobswort Spore Carmine Gobswort
125 Multiplier Shaded Shadow Fusk Spore Shaded Shadow Fusk
125 Stabilizer Gleaming Goldweed Seed Gleaming Goldweed
125 Stimulant Agitated Marshroot Seed Agitated Marshroot
150 Ballistic Skill Ruffled Thief's Nettle Seed Ruffled Thief's Nettle
150 Corp Resist Serrated Gravelnuts Seed Serrated Gravelnuts
150 Energy Grinning Dandedragon Seed Grinning Dandedragon
150 Flame Breath Crying Argost Creep Seed Crying Argost Creep
150 Healing Heaving Spumepetal Seed Heaving Spumepetal
150 Intelligence Laughing Smedleycap Spore Laughing Smedleycap
150 Molotov Crimson-Tipped Ryre Ivy Seed Crimson-Tipped Pyre Ivy
150 Napalm Blazing Ashberry Seed Blazing Ashberry
150 Restoration Vibrant Elvish Parsley Seed Vibrant Elvish Parsley
150 Spirit Resist Webbed Spiderfrond Seed Webbed Spiderfrond
150 Strength Blossoming Beardweed Seed Blossoming Beardweed
150 Willpower Foaming Grumpleaf Seed Foaming Grumpleaf
150 Extender Wiggly Gobswort Spore Wiggly Gobswort
150 Multiplier Wolfpaw Fusk Spore Wolfpaw Fusk
150 Stabilizer Barbed Goldweed Seed Barbed Goldweed
150 Stimulant Livid Marshroot Seed Livid Marshroot
175 Ballistic Skill Scrubby Thief's Nettle Seed Scrubby Thief's Nettle
175 Corp Resist Piked Gravelnuts Seed Piked Gravelnuts
175 Energy Blissful Dandedragon Seed Blissful Dandedragon
175 Flame Breath Weeping Argost Creep Seed Weeping Argost Creep
175 Healing Launching Spumepetal seed Launching Spumepetals
175 Intelligence Mocking Spedleycap Spore Mocking Smedleycap
175 Molotov Yellow-Tipped Pyre Ivy Seed Yellow-Tipped Pyre Ivy
175 Napalm Fiery Ashberry Seed Fiery Ashberry
175 Restoration Aromatic Elvish Parsley Seed Aromatic Elvish Parsley
175 Spirit Resist Black Spiderfrond Seed Black Spiderfrond
175 Strength Milksap Beardweed Seed Milksap Beardweed
175 Willpower Frothing Grumpleaf Seed Frothing Grumpleaf
175 Extender Gauzy Gobswort Spore Gauzy Gobswort
175 Multiplier Staghorn Fusk Spore Staghorn Fusk
175 Stabilizer Vibrant Goldweed Seed Vibrant Goldweed
175 Stimulant Angry Marshroot Seed Angry Marshroot
200 Ballistic Skill Rugged Thief's Nettle Seed Rugged Thief's Nettle
200 Corp Resist Clustered Gravelnuts Seed Clustered Gravelnuts
200 Energy Drunken Dandedragon Seed Drunken Dandedragon
200 Flame Breath Sunstalk Argost Creep Seed Sunstalk Argost Creep
200 Healing Hurling Spumepetal Seed Hurling Spumepetal
200 Intelligence Hightop Smedleycap Spore Hightop Smedleycap
200 Molotov Ashborn Pyre Ivy Seed Ashborn Pyre Ivy
200 Napalm Scorching Ashberry Seed Scorching Ashberry
200 Restoration Bittersweet Elvish Parsley Seed Bittersweet Elvish Parsley
200 Spirit Resist Spindly Spiderfrond Seed Spindly Spiderfrond
200 Strength Elder Beardweed Seed Elder Beardweed
200 Willpower Bitter Grumpleaf Seed Bitter Grumpleaf
200 Extender Taut Gobswort Spore Taut Gobswort
200 Multiplier Majestic Fusk Spore Majestic Fusk
200 Stabilizer Majestic Goldweed Seed Majestic Goldweed
200 Stimulant Savage Marshroot Seed Savage Marshroot

Created on the Live version of WAR by player Irinia