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A Magus of Tzeentch is a devoted follower of the Raven God, and has spent his entire lifetime studying pure sorcery with a fevered intensity. Desperate for even a bare glimpse of Tzeentchs great plan, the Magus has learned through his research that Tzeentchs daemonic minions are creations and reflection of the Great Changer, and he focuses his search for knowledge obsessively on this fact - for perhaps, by understanding the servant, he may better understand the master. While it is plainly impossible for a mortal mind to grasp even the smallest fragment of Tzeentchs thoughts without being shattered into gibbering insanity, it nonetheless amuses Tzeentch to allow his mortal followers to continue in their pursuits. To that end, a particularly powerful and devoted Magus may be gifted with the services of Tzeentchs daemons.

Even for the strongest of Tzeentchs followers, to call a daemon is no small task, for these chaos-spawned nightmares are often equally happy to devour either their summoner or his enemies. A Magus has just barely enough control to ensure that any daemon he calls forth will focus its unnatural attention on his foes instead of on himself, but even that slight leash is enough to serve his purposes- after all, ordering a daemon to rend and destroy is redundant, since the daemon will do so regardless.

The Magus can call forth several different types of daemonic fiends, but can only maintain the concentration needed to restrain a single one at a time. A clever Magus therefore makes sure to best fit his summoning to his need: a Pink Horror which flings bolts of fire corruption at distant enemies, a Blue Horror which spews out waves of warping energy around itself, or a Flamer which spits blasts of fire at groups of enemies.

Magus Specialty

All manner of Daemons are counted amongst the numbers of the Raven Host, but the Magus uses the power of only one such creature – the arcane and powerful Disc of Tzeentch. He is forever bound to this living platform, and it is utterly ruled by his will. Wielding the power of the Aethyr, the Magus unleashes his spells from atop his mount while commanding the mount itself to unleash its own mighty powers. Channeling his dark powers through his Disc, mortal and Daemon achieve potent synergy, and leave only devastation in their wake.

Playing as a Magus

As a Magus, the primary tactical questions you must answer in battle are which of your abilities will be most effective, and where best to apply them. Your damage dealing power will be well applied in almost any situation, but an in depth understanding of the secondary effects of your spells is also pivotal to maximizing your effectiveness and potency. You are versatile, but you must select the best tools for each fight in order to succeed. Supplement this with good use of your Disc and its special abilities and you will have mastered the basics of playing the Magus.

Playing against a Magus

Defeating a Magus is largely similar to defeating any other powerful damage dealer. He is deadly, but fragile, possessing very limited defensive capabilities. The key special consideration springs from his versatility. If you assault a Magus with one particular approach, he may well have an offense to counter your own. Thus you must either employ a variety of attacks to circumvent this, or be ready to change tactics with extreme agility to react to whatever trick the Magus happens to pull out of his hat.

Career Masteries

Path of Havoc

This path focuses on long-range attacks, and specializes in destroying a single target at a time. A master of this path will typically call forth a Pink Horror to help him slaughter his enemies from a safe distance. While the Magus may sometimes appear vulnerable due to the intense concentration that shaping raw magic requires, the unsuspecting foe who thinks that they face a weak enemy will only have a brief moment to be shocked and dismayed before the blasts of chaotic force remove them from this life.

Path of Changing

A specialist in this path understands that change waits for no man, and that Tzeentch demands speed and swiftness in those who serve. The cost of this decision is that his spells dissipate more rapidly into the Winds and therefore are only effective at moderate ranges, but a master of this path is a quick and adaptable sorcerer who uses a summoned Flamer to great effect.

Path of Daemonology

This path is primarily focused on tapping into the power of warping and twisted chaotic energy to unleash massive blasts of power at close range. In conjunction with a summoned Blue Horror, a specialist in this path can rend and shatter everything around him, leaving a trail of ruin and destruction in his wake.

Class Changes

  • Indigo Fire of Change is Path of Havoc 13pt ability and inflicts Elemental damage (link)
  • Roiling Winds morale 2 reduced to 30ft and inflicts all damage instantly (link)
  • Mutating Blue Fire is now a 2s cast (link)
  • Dissolving Mist radius extended to meet its visual effects (link)
  • Tzeentch's Firestorm radius extended to meet its visual effects (link), is the 9pt ability in the Path of Changing tree, can be cast on the move, and has a snare effect added (link). Also inflicts Spirit damage (link)
  • Chaos Unleashed tactic will now also reduce the cooldown on Tzeentch's Firestorm by 10 seconds (link)
  • Bolt of Change is the 9pt ability in the Havoc tree (link)
  • Daemonic Infestation staggers for 5s
  • Surging Power increases the critical damage inflicted by Flickering Red Fire.
  • Daemons grant up to 8 Unholy Empowerment stacks every 2s when within 30ft of your daemon. Damage is increased by 5% per stack for a max of 40% damage. 4 stacks of Unholy Empowerment are lost when a daemon is killed for any reason. All stacks of Unholy Empowerment are lost when a daemon of a different type than the last is summoned.
    • Pink Horror
      • Unholy Empowerment improves your range, and that of your daemon, by 5% per stack up to 5 stacks, to a max of 25% extra range
    • Flamer
      • Unholy Empowerment will stack when you are within 40 feet of your daemon (up from 30ft), and while between 41 to 80 feet of your daemon, you will neither gain nor lose Unholy Empowerment stacks
      • Daemon range is improved by 5% per stack to a max of 40%
      • Provided you have at least one Unholy Empowerment stack, you can use Path of Changing skills, except Indigo Fire of Change, while moving
      • Each stack shortens the duration and tick interval of Path of Changing and Path of Daemonology DoTs by approximately 4% per stack to a maximum of 35%
    • Blue Horror
      • Unholy Empowerment will improve your change to Dodge and Disrupt by 4% per stack to a max of 32%, and also increases your daemon's chance to Dodge and Disrupt by 8% per stack to a maximum of 64%
      • Provided you have at least one Unholy Empowerment stack, you can use Path of Changing skills, except Indigo Fire of Change, while moving
      • Stacks increase the radius of any of your AoE abilities on skills by 6.25% per stack to a max of 50%, increase your aoe cap by 2 per stack, but reduce your cast range by 5% per stack to a minimum of 60%