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Witch Elves are the maiden-elves who are wedded to Khaine, the Lord of Murder, in midnight rites of blood sacrifice and magic. The decadent fragile looks of the maidens of Ulthuan are nothing compared to the intoxicating beauty of the Witch Elves. Witch Elves go to war alongside the Dark Elf armies, eager to prove themselves in the eyes of their god. For them the battlefield is just another temple of Khaine, and the screams of the dying are praises sung in honor of the bloody-handed god.

Witch Elf Specialty

The brides of Khaine are fanatical fighters. Wielding long sacrificial daggers dripping with vile poisons, these incredibly quick and agile fighters race across the battlefield leaving blood and destruction in their wake. The more blood they spill, the greater their fervor for battle. As the Witch Elf's Frenzy increases so do the incredible feats she can perform in battle. A Witch Elf at the height of her bloodlust can penetrate even the staunchest defenses.

Playing as a Witch Elf

A Witch Elf can be an unstoppable force of death and destruction under the proper circumstances. By picking their targets carefully, the Witch Elf can win a fight in a short amount of time. A Witch Elf prefers to rapidly close with lightly armored targets, where their wicked poisons can find exposed flesh. Using a combination of rapid attacks, the Witch Elf works herself up into a Frenzy to execute powerful attacks that will stop most opponents dead in their tracks. When facing a heavily armored foe, the Witch Elf relies on her agility to survive long enough to pick apart her opponent's defenses and opening him up to a savage death blow.

Fighting against a Witch Elf

The key to defeating a Bride of Khaine is not being overwhelmed by the beauty of her savage attack. When facing a Witch Elf the best counter to her tremendous offense is to respond in kind. The Witch Elves pay for their speed and agility by having virtually no defenses, and using this to your advantage is the key to success. One must either hold their ground allowing her Frenzy to play out, or match it in kind in the hopes that you can defeat her before she gifts you with the kiss of death.

Career Masteries

The Witch Elves are the sanctified brides of Khaine, the Lord of Murder, and they serve their patron deity with savage pleasure. Wielding long daggers and prowling across the battlefield, the Witch Elves will sacrifice anyone and anything in their path as an offering to please the Bloody-Handed Lord.

With each strike of their weapons, the Witch Elves drive themselves deeper into a furious bloodlust, until they finally sate themselves in a horrific frenzy. Using their Khaine-blessed weapons, a Witch Elf can slice into her enemy and then corrupt their very blood upon her blades, briefly granting even more power to her attacks.

Path of Carnage

The Path of Carnage is mainly concerned with quickly and directly slaughtering anything that presents itself to the Witch Elf. Eschewing subtlety, a specialist in this path prefers to confront her enemies face-to-face...or at least, face-to-what's-left-of-their-face.

Path of Suffering

The Path of Suffering focuses more on effects that linger for some time, and a master in this path takes pleasure in leading her victims into a false sense of security. While her attacks may not seem dangerous at first, it's only moments later that the Witch Elf's enemy suddenly realizes that their death is imminent and there's nothing they can do to stop it.

Path of Treachery

The Path of Treachery appeals to those Witch Elves who prefer to stalk their prey, attacking when the target is unsuspecting. A master of this path performs best in the thick of large, chaotic combats, where her victims are kept busy and unsuspecting, and she prefers to strike the enemy at their unprotected flanks.

Class Changes

  • Shadow Prowler is now 35s cooldown (up from 30s) and has its cooldown reduced by 1s for every enemy within 100ft when effect is broken, with a minimum of 5s cooldown (link)
  • Shadow Strike is a new, core ability, which grants a 50% speed bonus and shares its cooldown with Shadow Prowler. Its cast time is reduced by 1 second, and its duration is reduced by 3 seconds
  • Elixir of Blades is now Path of Carnage (link)
  • Elixir of Insane Power is now Path of Suffering (link)
  • Slice no longer requires a target and will now strike up to 3 enemies in front of you, up to 15 feet away. It will not build Frenzy unless you hit at least one target. (link)
  • Broad Severing now increases Slice range to 30ft and removes target limit (link)
  • Ruthless Assault now strikes all enemies within 20ft of its target (link)
  • Envenomed Blade is no longer cleansable and its damage over time component has been doubled (link)
  • Septic Blade's effect is reduced by 7%, but will now stack as Envenomed Blade does (link)
  • Close Combat is a new archetype tactic for all melee DPS classes. This tactic provides a 25% damage reduction against ranged and magical damage for 2s after using a direct damage, single target, melee ability on an enemy. This reduction does not stack with localized damage reductions such as Detaunt or Guard. (link)
  • Enfeebling Strike, Treacherous Assault, and Vehement Blades are now undefendable (link)
  • Sever Blessing is now undefendable (link)
  • Increased heal effect on Kiss of Doom tactic to 150%, up from 100% (link)
  • Sacrificial Stab now grants the Blessing, Shriek of Death, for 10s, increasing the player's Auto Attack speed by 10% per resource point spent (link)
  • Sacrificial Stab now applies the Ailment, Hindering Cut, snaring the player affected by 3% per resource point spent (link)