Mount Gunbad

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Mount Gunbad
Mount Gunbad loading graphic
Location The Badlands
Race(s) Greenskin (formerly Dwarf)
Instance info
Type Dungeon
Advised level 40
Minimum level 32
Player limit 6

Mount Gunbad

Welcome to Mount Gunbad!

Mount Gunbad is the first level 40 dungeon in Return of Reckoning, and is located in the northwest corner of The Badlands (entrance at 4k,4k).

  • This dungeon grants the Red-eye set, which unlocks the Conqueror Ward.
  • Every member of your party will get rewards for every boss kill via PQ Bags: 2 Gold, 2 Purple, and 2 Blue. Gold bags include Red-Eye set pieces.
  • Mount Gunbad is also one of the only dungeons that drops rare Eternal Seeds for Cultivating, which have a (tiny) chance to drop from any enemy mob of Hero rank or above.

It is possible to take quests within the dungeon starting at level 32, and experienced guilds / groups should have no problem including players in the mid-high 30's.

Your first Gunbad

If it's your first time in the Dungeon, make sure to take the Blue Repeatable quests given by the NPC in the starting room.

These quests will guarantee you Redeye armor after defeating certain bosses three times. Just in case you don't roll gold bags, this is a great way to ensure you won't have to rely on RNG to get the gear you need!

Dungeon Layout

Mount Gunbad Minimap

Gunbad features three wings: Left, Right, and Middle. These three can be completed in any order.

Each of the three wings includes at least one Optional Boss, which drops additional loot but can be skipped if the party would like.

To fight the final boss of each wing, you'll need to kill the bosses prior to it in order to open the magical barriers that allow entrance.


Although Ekrund may have been the richest mine beyond the Worlds Edge Mountains, Gunbad was the greatest and wealthiest of the world - only the biggest fortresses of Karaz Ankor produced more riches.

Located on the eastern slopes of the Worlds Edge Mountains, Gunbad was, and still is the only source of Brynduraz ("shining stone" in Khazalid), a blue gem much valued by Dwarf jewellers. Its gold was so crucial for maintaining the Dwarf army that during the War of Vengeance against the High Elves it wasn't forced to supply troops. But the Dwarfs didn't realize their greatest enemy would come from the East.

While the bulk of the Dwarf armies were still returning from their victorious campaign against the Elves, disaster came over the Worlds Edge Mountains. Earthquakes covered the mountain passes with rubble, isolating temporarily holds and mines. Gunbad Dwarfs fought valiantly when the Greenskins came, but defeat was inevitable. Over two hundred years ago, Dwarfs came back to Gunbad in great numbers. Led by Logazor Brightaxe, they managed to retake the mines, but this victory left Gunbad isolated in the midst of a land still riddled with Orcs and Goblins, which turned it into a tempting and vulnerable goal. It was just a matter of time before Dwarfs were forced to relinquish their dominion over Gunbad once more. After this defeat, Dwarfs haven't had enough strength to retake the mines to the East of the Worlds Edge Mountains.

Updated 2022 Boss Guides

You can find full guides, available in both video and text, below!

Video Guide

You can watch a full video guide for all wings of Gunbad by clicking here. Timestamps for each boss are included in the video description!

Left Wing

The left wing has Four Bosses and Two Optional Bosses. If mechanics are working properly, this is by far the most difficult wing in the entire dungeon, due purely to its final boss.

At the time of writing this wiki page, the final boss in the Left Wing is bugged and not all mechanics are working properly, which makes it a relatively easy tank-and-spank.

From the entrance, head Left and across the bridge to start your path to the first pair of bosses. Clear the adds and once you enter the first large room, take a left and head to the Healer NPC.

Focus Griblik, the Squig boss, first.

You can drop off behind the healer NPC and survive the fall if you're careful, so do this in order to skip a number of mobs.

Clear the nearby mobs and note that the first boss is just ahead of you!

First Boss: Griblik Da Stinka

Girblik Da Stinka is actually a dual-boss fight, and your party can handle it a few ways:

  • Have a solo tank pull and hold both bosses at once.
  • Have an off-tank pull the Wyvern boss and keep it away from Griblik.
  • Have a sturdy DPS or Healer pull the Wyvern boss and keep it away from Griblik.

Any of these combinations can work depending on your gear and team composition, so feel free to adapt if you need to. Remember: there's no single "right" way to clear most bosses.

Key Mechanics:

  • Focus down Griblik, the Squig boss, first. Once he's dead, you can skip killing the Wyvern and just run to the next boss to leash it, if you'd like.
  • The Wyvern boss will spawn Eggs during this fight. Avoid using AOE damage or direct damage here, as these eggs will pop, causing a number of baby champion Wyverns to get very friendly with your face. (This is bad.)
  • Your cooldowns will get constantly increased on this fight, and you'll get pulled into the air. Be ready for this and keep life-saving morales like Shield Wall (Tank) or your Healer's M3 absorb for those moments when things get rough.

Once Griblik is down, you can either burn the Wyvern or just skip it and move the group towards the next boss. (It'll leash as you approach the next boss, Bilebane the Rager.)

The gold bags from the Griblik fight will grant the Redeye Gloves/Boots.

Second Boss: Bilebane the Rager (Optional)

Bilebane the Rager.

Bilebane the Rager is technically an optional boss, but almost every group kills him because he's very much in the way to the next boss.

Key mechanics:

  • Tank him facing away from the group.
  • When he raises his arms, use a Taunt or an interrupt to prevent him damaging and knocking back allies.
  • Be ready to quickly heal the tank and those in melee range from sudden damage bursts.

Beyond that, he's a very easy boss. Bilebane the Rager drops Gunbad Jewelry, and has a chance to drop the rare purple variants.

Now, head into the next room to find...

Third Boss: Garrolath the Poxbearer

Garrolath will send everyone flying. Manage your positioning accordingly!

Garrolath the Poxbearer is the third boss of the Left Wing, and a relatively simple encounter.

Before fighting him, be sure to clear out the adds within the room so your party has some room to manuever.

Key Mechanics:

  • Tank the boss with your back to the Waterfall or Wall behind him. This boss does large knockbacks, and this will keep you (and your dps) from getting flung too far.
  • The boss will summon Nurgling champions. Your off-tank, sturdy Healer, or DPS should pull these Nurglings and keep them away from the boss while killing it.
  • If the Nurgling and the Boss are kept near each other, the Boss will begin to heal considerably.

That's all for Garrolath - once dead, grab your bag and move on - an optional boss lies just ahead! Garrolath's Gold Bags include the Redeye Gloves/Boots.

Fourth Boss: Kurga Da Squig Maker

Kurga Da Squig Maker is an optional small goblin boss located near the top of a hill as you progress forward.

Key Mechanics:

  • Kurga can deal huge AOE damage to those in melee and mid-range from him, so have healers stand at maximum distance.
  • DPS: You can detaunt here if you take too much damage to reduce stress on your healers.
  • Tanks: When the boss says "Feel muh shroom powered anger!" or something similar, shatter his enchantment to reduce upcoming damage.
  • Healers: The party will be totally fine one moment and then at 10% health the next, especially if you have lots in melee range or miss the shatter. Anticipate these moments to keep your party alive. If anyone dies, don't worry - you can rez during this fight.

This boss drops additional Gunbad Jewelry.

Fifth Boss: Foul Mouf Da Ungry

Foul Mouf is a DPS race - decide in advance whether or not to AOE here.

A large Squig boss stands between you and the final boss of the left wing: Foul Mouf Da Ungry!

Key Mechanics:

  • Tank: Hold the boss with your back to the small cave pillars near the boss.
  • Tank: You'll want as much damage mitigation as possible for this fight (Block/Parry) so you don't keep your healers in a constant state of panic.
  • This boss will periodically spawn champions beneath it, which hit quite hard. You can either AOE DPS them down, single target them down, or focus the boss and ignore them if your Tank is strong enough.
  • Tank: Have your Challenge ready to go and use it on the adds if doing AOE strat, or in case your DPS simply decide they really want to pull a bunch of champions onto their face.
  • Healers: Some classes can cleanse the debuff that will cause the champion maggot adds to spawn.
  • Healers: If solo tanking and especially if your tank is not strongly geared, be ready for sudden huge chunks of damage as the tank gets hit for combined add + boss damage.

This fight is partially a DPS race, as the longer it takes you to kill Foul Mouf, the more adds you'll have spawn, until your party simply can't handle the incoming damage anymore.

Once the boss is dead, you'll still have to kill the adds, but they should die quickly to AOE at this point. The gold bags from this boss grant the Redeye Gloves/Boots.

Sixth Boss: Glomp da Squig Masta

If his mechanics are working, Glomp is (by far) the hardest boss in Gunbad. Good luck!

Glomp da Squig Masta has ended the run of countless parties in Gunbad. If working, his mechanics require constant attention, group awareness, and even a bit of luck.

  • Before you start this fight: Turn your graphics settings to HIGH and effects to "Show All".
  • If you don't, you may not be able to see the Green Puddle mechanic for this boss, which is hugely important if it's functioning properly.

Phase 1 Key Mechanics:

  • This boss spawns a Gas Cloud and then a Green Puddle directly underneath it. Stepping in these Green Puddles will deal huge damage to you - and will kill you quickly! Make sure to avoid them, as you cannot be revived on this fight.
  • Tank: You'll move this boss around the room in a giant circle, in order to avoid the green puddles stacking up around you. These will eventually reset by the time you finish a complete loop.
    • If the puddle mechanic is bugged, you can simply tank the boss where he spawns.
  • Healers: Most healers stand up top where the Boss Spawns during this fight, in order to have full line-of-sight around the room. However, watch for Puddles as these can still drop on you here.
  • This boss will randomly drop aggro on the tank and begin attacking another party member, and will say their name in a chat bubble. The tank will have to constantly taunt, build threat, and guard swap in order to keep teammates alive and the boss aggro'd.
  • Glomp will pick one person and randomly send them flying off through the room. If done to a tank or healer, this can be dangerous, so quickly move back to the group while avoiding any green puddles.
  • At 90%, 60%, and 40%, this boss will summon Squigs to come attack your group. Make sure to have your tank challenge these and AOE them down with your DPS.
  • Terror: This boss fight causes Terror, meaning you cannot revive anyone who dies.
The Gas Cloud is the marker for an upcoming Green Puddle. Move the boss (and yourself) the moment you see it!

Phase 2: At 30%, Glomp will hop into his Squig Armor and begin to chase one player around the room. Your Party should spread out during this time and wait for him to eventually begin his next phase.

  • When Glomp says: "Runnin' outta room yet, Gitgob?", quickly get away from the boss - he will bounce and deal huge damage to anyone nearby him, and this damage increases the more targets he hits!
  • This stomp can instantly kill almost anyone in the party if they're hit more than once.
  • Once he's done stomping, you have a small window to DPS him before he does his next stomp. Rinse and repeat this strategy until the boss is dead.

From 30% down, Glomp poses very little direct damage threat beyond his AOE, so just take your time and back off early if you're worried about dying to his stomp. Slow and steady gets the boss kill.

Once he's done, you've cleared one of the hardest bosses of Gunbad - congratulations! If you win a Gold Bag, you'll find the Redeye Shoulders inside.

Right Wing Guide

The Right Wing of Gunbad includes Four Bosses and one Optional boss.

As you cross the bridge that begins this wing, you can skip some of the starting mobs and make your way into the open large room.

The first boss lies ahead, and spawns either as you walk up to the giant treasure chest, or when you aggro the troll just down the hill to the right of it.

First Boss: Brood Mother Szikalax (Optional)

Approach the giant treasure chest to trigger the optional Brood Mother boss fight.

Brood Mother Szikalax guards a giant treasure chest and is an optional boss near the start of the Right Wing.

Key Mechanics:

  • Tank: As always, face the boss away from group.
  • The boss will spawn additional spider mobs which tank can Challenge. DPS can AOE these down quickly.

This boss drops Gunbad Jewelry.

Second boss: Masta Wrangla Glix

Masta Wrangla Glix is a little goblin that really loves trolls.

Key Mechanics:

  • Tank: This boss will spawn troll adds throughout the fight. Pick these up if solo or have the off-tank grab them.
  • DPS: You can AOE down the troll adds to keep the pressure light on the tank.
  • Healers: The final spawn of troll adds hits hardest, so if things are smooth save your morales for any burst damage near the tail-end of this fight.

This boss drops the Redeye Gloves/Boots.

Third Boss: Elder Kizzig da Waagha

When fighting Elder Kizzig, be careful not to kill Chipfang da Lit'l, or he'll enrage!

Elder Kizzig is the first fight in the right wing that will require more effort than a regular tank and spank. You have a couple options here, but most important:

  • In this fight, there is a small snotling named Chipfang that must be kept alive. If it dies (and it dies easily), the Boss will enrage and kill everyone.

This means you have at least two options when fighting this boss:

  • Either use purely Single Target damage to avoid hurting Chipfang, or:
  • Have an off-tank, Healer, or even DPS hit Chipfang once to pull it off the tank and away from boss, and keep it far enough that you can AOE safely around the boss.

Key Mechanics:

  • This boss will stun you constantly, and it won't show on your UI - you just won't be able to use skills.
  • Elder Krizzig will spawn more Snotlings throughout the fight. You can AOE these down as long as Chipfang is far enough away.

Elder Krizzig drops Redeye Gloves or Boots.

Fourth Boss: Herald of Solithex

Avoid the Herald of Solithex' AOE puddles, which use the same graphic as the Sorc's Pit of Shades.

The next room contains a number of Gravestones, which will spawn Champion Dwarf enemies if they are attacked directly or with AOE. There's a cooldown before they can spawn again, so it's recommended to purposefully spawn and kill these adds prior to the next fight to make things easy on your healers.

  • Before starting this fight, make sure your graphics settings are on "HIGH" and that Play Ability Effects is set to: Show All. This is important to see the mechanic for this boss.

The Herald of Solithex is a Scythe-wielding Wraith and the second-to-last boss of the Right Wing. Even for new groups, it's an easy boss to kill thanks to a Respawn point nearby that allows dead players to resurrect and quickly hop back to the fight.

Key Mechanics:

  • This boss will pull everyone towards it, then soon after spawn a Purple Puddle on the ground. (Visual: The same as the Sorc's Pit of Shades). Quickly step out of these puddles and have your Tank move the boss.
  • Tank: This boss can cleave hard, so keep it facing away from your healers and group. Move it each time that it spawns another puddle.
  • At 50% Boss Health, a Dwarf Boss named Logazor Brightaxe will also spawn. Have your main tank or off-tank pick this add up, and don't worry about hitting it - just DPS down the main boss.

If you die during this fight, you can respawn and run down the hill nearby to jump right back into the fight.

The Herald of Solithex drops Redeye Gloves/Boots.

Fifth Boss: Masta Mixa

Focus down Masta Mixa's staff when he spawns it, and watch out for the green fists!

The final boss of the Right Wing is the Masta Mixa. This is a relatively straightforward fight, but has a few key mechanics to watch for:

  • Tank: Hold the boss near where he spawns, unless you need to move due to the green fists mechanic. (More on this below.)
  • Mixa's Staff: The boss will summon a Staff that needs to be targeted and quickly destroyed by your DPS. While active, this staff may prevent 1-2 party members from moving or using skills.
  • Fists of Gork: The boss will summon two giant green fists that will smash the ground and chase one member of your party. Spread out slightly to see who these are on, then have that person kite the fists so they don't kill your group.
  • Tank: When Masta Mixa says "Kablooey!", taunt him or use any interrupt skill to prevent him from casting an AOE knockback.
  • Bonus adds: As the fight continues, you'll see additional adds appearing. These die very quickly (just a few hits from your DPS is enough) so kill them quickly and hop back to the boss.

As long as you don't run the Green fists into the group, or forget to focus down the staff, you should have a pretty easy time burning down this boss.

Once Masta Mixa is defeated, two members of your party will get the Redeye Helmet within their Gold Bags. Only the middle wing remains!

Middle Wing Guide

The Middle Wing of Gunbad is the final wing, and includes four bosses and one optional boss. (The optional boss in this wing counts as a "Final" boss and can also be used for Guild Coin quest completion.)

Start by killing the enemies on the straight, narrow path in front of you. The first of these can also be pulled to the range of your camp guards, who will make short work of them. Just before the path turns right, run straight and drop off of this to skip some mobs and save a little time.

Once below, you'll need to pass a number of ranged mobs and Hero Giants - most groups hug the left wall here to skip the Giants, but you can also farm these if you want the rare chance of a Purple Seed drop.

As you pass the last of these, you'll see a large Giant ahead of you... the first boss of the Middle Wing awaits!

First Boss: Redeye Big Oaf

The Big Oaf will send you flying into the air, so tank him underneath the Goblin huts to use them as a makeshift roof.

The Redeye Big Oaf is a huge Giant and has a few mechanics to make you sweat, but is overall a very easy boss.

Key Mechanics:

  • This boss will stomp and send your party flying into the air. By tanking it to the right of where you first see it, you can use the small Goblin hut floors as a roof to prevent your tank flying off.
  • This boss cleaves all around it, including behind, so Melee DPS should be guarded here if possible.
  • Healers can choose to stand back at max distance in order to avoid much of the damage pressure here, if they want.

Sometimes this boss will bug out and vanish (likely teleporting itself to the high high vistas it thinks your tank has gone to) - you can solve this by having your tank move around a bit, which should remind the Giant that his people need him down below.

Once the Redeye Big Oaf is defeated, two members of your party will get Gold Bags that contain the Redeye Boots or Gloves.

Second Boss: Blaz Da' Tamin Masta

As you enter the area before the next boss, Blaz, you'll be introduced to the Spider Egg Mechanic. (Doesn't that sound fun?) The game wants you to understand that any damage - and we mean ANY - will make these little egg sacs of joy and fun explode, and will send a whole horde of Champion Spider mobs lunging straight at your face!

Focus down Blaz first, and be mindful of the Spider Eggs!

Remember this Egg bit, because it's important on the next fight. As you progress here, most tanks will simply run forward and do large pulls, stacking the mobs together away from Spider Eggs for the DPS to kill. You can also just skip the mobs entirely if you want.

Blaz Da' Tamin Masta is a dual-boss fight, and features both Blaz, the small Goblin boss, and Velkyrix, a giant Spider Momma who is ready to not only lay the smack down on your tank but also to lay a whole bunch of eggs in the hopes you might pop some.

Key Mechanics:

  • You can either Solo tank both bosses together or have an off-tank or strong healer/DPS pull Velkyrix away if your tank has trouble. Most groups tank these with the tank's back to one of the pillars near the bosses.
  • Focus down Blaz first. If you kill Velkyrrix first, Blaz will enrage and your whole party will curse your name as they die to his enrage damage. Probably.
  • Velkyrrix will spawn Spider Eggs constantly throughout this fight. You can either avoid them and go Single Target only, or go full AOE and try to quickly burn the Champion spiders that will pop from the eggs.
  • Tank: If you're doing the AOE strat, and even if you aren't, be ready to use your Challenge to AOE taunt the mobs off your healers/ DPS. In Single Target attempts, there's usually at least one person that will accidentally AOE, so be cool and taunt those spiders instantly, because you're a pro and you totally saw that coming.

Once Blaz is dead, you need to stop and kill Velkyrrix. Unlike the Wyvern boss in the Left Wing, Velkyrrix is absolutely livid that you killed their Gobbo friend and will chase you to the ends of the Dungeon (including the next boss) in order to exact their revenge. Take a moment to burn down Velkyrrix, and the fight is over.

Blaz da Tamin Masta drops the Redeye Gloves/Boots.

Fourth Boss: Arathremia

Be ready for Arathremia's Ghost adds, which will spawn faster if you kill her quickly.

As you make your way to the next boss, watch out for the Death Shadow Knights that await you. These bad boys somehow missed the memo that they were just regular dungeon mobs, and will not only CC you but also chunk half your HP in a single attack, you know, like normal mobs do. Pulling two or more of these Skeleton Knights at once can be an instant wipe, so make sure to CC them and burn them down fast.

Up the ramp and on your right you'll see a Wraith named Arathremia, and she's the next boss before the two final bosses of the Middle Wing.

Key Mechanics:

  • Tanks: Tank Arathremia towards the left where you first approach her, with your back to the wall.
  • Tanks/DPS: This boss will spawn champion adds as she takes damage, so the faster you burn her, the faster these adds will spawn. High DPS groups may find this fight harder, so if you're solo tanking, plan out which DPS will be your primary AOE damage, and keep them guarded.
  • Healers: This boss will CC you multiple times throughout the fight, and may disable one or both of you at the same time as the adds spawn. Pop morales and emergency group heals in these situations to survive.

If anyone in your group is a Scavenger and has nothing better to do during this fight, they can also loot the champ mobs after those die for a chance at talisman fragments. Once the boss dies, all the champ mobs will vanish, so get your Scavenge on early. ' With Arathremia defeated, you can either make your way to the final boss, Ard ta Feed, whose portal is up the hill behind her, or take on the Optional Boss Wight Lord Solithex, whose room is located behind you and on the left.

Arathremia's gold bag rewards the Redeye Gloves/Boots.

Wight Lord Solithex (Optional)

Wight Lord Solithex is a fun but challenging fight for new 40 players, and drops the Redeye Cape.

Wight Lord Solithex is a challenging fight but also one of the cooler battles in Gunbad, so if you're taking him on, kudos to you for not skipping out. He's also the only boss that drops the Redeye Cape, needed to complete the Set Bonus. (This cape is not required for the Ward.)

Positioning matters on this boss, and most groups will have their Healers or Ranged DPS stand up on the ledge behind the Boss as you enter the room. Your Tank and melee DPS will brawl in the middle where the boss starts.

Also: Far in the back of the room, near NPC "Ghoullom" and behind where the healers will stand, is a totem. Remember this location, because it's going to be important at the end of the fight.

Key Mechanics:

  • This boss has a lifesteal mechanic. When he says: "Give unto me that which sustains you!", all players can move back and out of the faint purple puddle on the floor, which will drain your HP and restore the bosses'.
  • Tank: Keep the boss facing away from the group, as usual. But also save your AOE Challenge, because you'll need it for upcoming adds, like:
  • At 70% HP, the boss will summon four giant Skeleton Champions. The Tank can AOE Challenge these and the DPS should AOE them and then continue on the boss.
  • At 40% HP, the boss will spawn four broken pillars inside the arena. Each of these will constantly spawn skeleton mobs, and if you don't destroy them fast, your party will be overrun.
    • Have your DPS all focus down the same pillars together, one at a time, to stop the skeletons from piling up. Your tank can also Challenge here to pull the adds off the group. Once the pillars are handled, AOE down any remaining skeletons.
  • At 20% HP, the boss will grow huge and glow red, and his movement speed will slow considerably.
    • Here, the tank should kite the boss around the center of the room where they're already tanking, and all DPS should move to the back of the room to destroy the Soulstone Totem mentioned earlier. It's now also glowing red, to indicate that you can DPS it down.
  • Once the Totem is destroyed, the boss will return to normal, and you can DPS it down to 0!

Note: Once you beat this boss, do not take the portal it spawns if you want to move on to the final boss, Ard Ta Feed. Instead, just run back through the door you entered from.

Wight Lord Solithex counts as a Final Boss, awarding Credit for the Guild Coin quest to defeat a Dungeon boss, and granting two players who win Gold Bags the Redeye Cloak.

Ard 'Ta Feed

The final boss of Gunbad, Ard Ta Feed, awaits!

Ard Ta Feed is a monstrously giant Squig whose name is also a simple statement left by Goblins who tried to offer it other food - and were promptly eaten themselves.

If this boss has all mechanics working properly, it can be a tricky fight. However, if the mechanics are broken, like at the time of writing this guide, then this boss is a very simple and straightforward kill.

Before you start the fight, pick two party members who will be assigned to "Buttons". The button mechanic requires both members of your party to click one button each at the same time, which will pacify the boss and reduce his damage on your group.

Key Mechanics:

  • Buttons: Two members of your party should stand on either side of the large Pillar in this room. The pillar will light up at 80%, 60%, 40%, and 20% boss HP - when you see the lights on it, keep clicking the button until finally both are clicked together, and you see a green laser hitting the boss.
  • Tank: Hold the boss with your back to the large stone pillar on either the right or left side of the boss. (This way you maintain good line-of-sight with your heals, who may be far away on buttons.)
  • Healing: Ard Ta Feed will heal based on the amount of snack squigs that run near him. The more melee you have near the boss, the more likely he is to heal. (And the more range you have not near him, the less he will heal.) Most groups can DPS through this healing anyway, but if you can't overcome it, move any low DPS away from melee range.
  • Squig Storm: There's a Squig Storm mechanic that will chase one person around the room. If working, this mechanic will deal heavy damage to the player caught, but currently, this mechanic is very bugged and you can just stand in it without worrying about it.
  • Knockback: The boss will sometimes cause AOE Knockbacks, so just run back into position if they happen. Your tank should be fine for these if their back is up against the pillar.

Once the boss is defeated, two of your party members will get gold bags containing the Redeye Chestpiece, and with that, your conquest of Gunbad is complete! You can either take the portal the boss spawns to return to the entrance, or go through the room in the back to return to your Capital City.

Congratulations on clearing the Mount Gunbad Dungeon!


  • There's a secret area at the very bottom of Gunbad that you can access via a teleporter rift in the starting room.
    • Here you'll find many level 50+ Lord NPCs, all of whom are named after Testers who supported the Return of Reckoning Project over the years.

  • The friendly NPC "Ghoullum", who is searching for his "Precious", is, of course, a reference to "Gollum", a character featured in the writings of J.R.R. Tolkien.

Tome of Knowledge Unlocks

Special thanks to Tothmonra and <Gimle> for creating the Video guide linked on this page.