Migliod's Menagerie

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Migliod's Menagerie is a lair in The Maw at 39.5k 55k. There is a giant tower in the middle of 8 doors. There is a boss per door, thus 8 bosses.

Several horns have been located around the world which give this message when activated: Something in the world has changed. These horns are the enchanted horns Migliod used to summon his beasts.

Approaching Migliod's Menagerie will trigger an Achievements unlock. (Not implemented yet)

Mechanic to spawn bosses (on Official)

Not implemented yet

The lair contains eight doors arranged around a giant tower with a closed gate. Activating a Rider's Horn will summon one of the following bosses to a door. You have to wait a few minutes after a boss's death to be able to activate the following horn.

  • Graveshroud, a Winged Nightmare.
    • Summoned by the High Pass horn at 28.4k 29.8k, hanging from a tree.
    • Spawns at Door 1.
  • Traugonaith, a dragon.
    • Summoned by the Norsca horn at 62.5k 34.6k in a cave called 'Spindekraken'. It's to the right in the first junction as you enter the cave, hanging in a gap in the rocks in the upper level.
    • Spawns at Door 2.
  • Soarmange, a manticore.
    • Summoned by the Reikland horn at 24k 46.2k, hanging inside a tent at the Runehammer Gunworks Battlefield Objective.
    • Spawns at Door 3.
  • Hornblade, a rhinox.
    • Summoned by the Praag horn at 10.9k 37.7k on the first upper level in the beginning of the skaven tunnel, hanging from a pipe.
    • Spawns at Door 4.
  • Offalgut the Hungry, a Chaos Troll.
    • Summoned by the Troll Country horn at 54.5k 37.6k, hanging from a bridge.
    • Spawns at Door 5.
  • Ruggog, a Chaos Giant.
    • Summoned by the Nordland horn at 51.4k 56.4k, hanging from a beam of a house in the Salzenmund Destruction Public Quest.
    • Spawns at Door 6.
  • Warbragh, a Dragon Ogre.
    • Summoned by the Chrace horn at 35.8k 1.4k, hanging from a tree in the RvR lake.
    • Spawns at Door 7.
  • Rathrek, a hydra.
    • Summoned by the Marshes of Madness horn at 59.9k 33.3k, hanging from the Tree of Beards.
    • Spawns at Door 8.


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