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"The people of Nordland know what it means to live under the shadow of Chaos. The northern marauders lie but a few short leagues away from the shores of Nordland, just across the Sea of Claws. Constant incursions by the northmen are a fact of life, and such assaults have been withstood by the Nordlanders for centuries." -Loadingscreen text Nordland

Nordland is the starting Zone for Order of the Griffon players, and one of the electoral provinces of the Empire; as the name would suggest, Nordland is the province on the Empire's northern edge. Mostly dangerous forest, Nordland becomes more flat and meadow-like towards the coast, where most of the population lives, though the capital Salzenmund is inland. In the Age of Reckoning, the area is under attack from followers of Chaos from Norsca.

PvE Content

Tome of Knowledge


Public Quests and Chapters

Order Public Quests Destruction Public Quests
Empire Chapter 1

Empire Chapter 2

Empire Chapter 3

Chaos Chapter 3

Chaos Chapter 4


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