Marshes of Madness

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The Marshes of Madness is the second tier zone for the Bloody Sun Boyz Greenskin army and lies south of the Badlands, the furthest south area (in the Warhammer World) that is featured in WAR. The Marshes are a stinking, festering swamp full of foul creatures (such as the noisome Bogarts) and permanently laden with thick fog and overhanging trees which block the sun. The marshes used to be the site of Mourkain settlements and now contain a lone tower inhabited by a Vampire.

PvE Content

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Tome of Knowledge

Public Quests and Chapters

Order Public Quests Destruction Public Quests
Dwarf Chapter 5

Dwarf Chapter 6

Dwarf Chapter 8

Dwarf Chapter 9

Greenskins Chapter


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