Keeper's Karl

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Keeper's Karl is the first currency You will find in game that is used to buy Your first instance set.


Keeper's Karls can be obtained by finishing the series of quests ordering to kill several bosses in realm cities' instances and later killing players in designated zones or scenarios.

For Order quests relay to Sewers in Altdorf:

  • Sewer Search,
  • Sewer Search: Bulbous One,
  • Sewer Search: Master Moulder Vitchek,
  • Sewer Search: Goradian the Creator,
  • Sewer Search: Kokrit Man-Eater,
  • Sewer Search: The Fangchitters.

Quests are obtainable in Sigmar's Hammer or at War Quaters East.

For Destruction quests relay to Sacellum Dungeons in The Inevitable City:

  • Sacellum Slaughter,
  • Sacellum Slaughter: Blood for Blood,
  • Sacellum Slaughter: Disobediance,
  • Sacellum Slaughter: None Forgotten,
  • Sacellum Slaughter: Wyvern Wingz,
  • Sacellum Slaughter: Remembrence.

Quests are obtainable in The Viper's Pit or on Sacellum Arena.

Used for

Keeper's Karls are used to purchase Keeper set. These items are sold by vendors

For Order:

  1. Altdorf - War Quaters East - The Empire's Keeper.
  2. Altdorf - Sigmar's Hammer - The Empire's Keeper.

For Destruction:

  1. The Inevitable City - Sacellum Arena - The Raven's Keeper.
  2. The Inevitable City - The Viper's Pit - The Raven's Keeper.