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A Chosen Champion of Tzeentch is a sight to behold - warped by the blessings of the dark gods, these hulking behemoths have the power and size to match even the mightiest of mortal creatures. Their thick Chaos armor can ward off the most punishing of blows, while the fell weapons they wield can cleave the heaviest of defenses. However, these "blessings" come at a price - the Chosen is beholden to Tzeentch, and must constantly strive to earn his favor. For the Chosen of Tzeentch this means more than mere slaughter and death. In order to earn the grace of the Changer of Ways, the Chosen must apply guile and trickery as much as brute force. Only through careful planning and deliberate carnage can a Chosen of Tzeentch truly find the favor of their god.

Chosen Specialty

Tzeentch expects his Champions to be both ferocious warriors and cunning tacticians. As a result, Chosen who excel in these areas are granted profane rewards. These Dark Gifts allow the Chosen to manipulate the ruinous power of Chaos itself. While this provides them with ever greater strength, it also continually strips away any remnants of humanity that may still reside in the dark recesses of their memories. These Dark Gifts supplement the warriors awesome martial skills, increasing their durability, strength and even allowing them to harness the Winds of Magic.

Fighting as a Chosen

Above all else, as a Chosen Champion, you will seek the esteem of Tzeentch. Yours is an arduous path, forever seeking out greater glory in the eyes of the Raven God by playing a crucial role in his terrible schemes and cruel manipulations. Encased in a blasphemous panoply of heavy armor, you will endeavor to place yourself on the front line of every battle, where you will bring to bear the power of your Dark Gifts against your foes. You will also often be called upon to protect the insignificant or the weak, not as an act of compassion, but rather in service to the inscrutable machinations of your treacherous god.

Fighting against a Chosen

Only death - either yours or theirs - brings any hope of respite from the fear and confusion that the Chosen inspire and the devastation they wreak on the battlefield. The best choice is almost certainly to do anything and everything you can to eliminate the Chosen from the fight as quickly as possible. They are devious and manipulative, and it is unwise to give them any opportunity to use their Dark Gifts to guide the course of a battle. Since they are most dangerous at close range, wise groups will focus magical and ranged attacks on them early in the fight. Failing that, your only hope is a focused, heavy melee attack – though it will certainly be a race against the dark and creeping terror such close proximity to the monstrous Chosen will instill in you and your allies.

Career Masteries

Do not be misled by appearances, for they are the first weapon of the Chosen. Covered from head to toe in unholy armor, wielding massive weapons capable of rending enemies limb from limb, the Chosens are hulking figures of dread and terror on the battlefield - but woe to the enemy who dismisses them as simple brutes! Tzeentchs Chosen are cunning warriors who can bring forth a whisper of the Ruinous Powers into this world, dooming their enemies to a fate that is, perhaps, worse than a simple death.

The Chosen have been blessed by Tzeentch with several dark gifts, powers of Chaos which they can grasp and pull into this world through their very bodies. These powers pour forth from within their massive armor, and spill out as profane auras. In addition to causing an immediate effect when they first burst out from the Chosens grasp, these lingering effects will continue to empower the player for several moments, allowing them to unleash melee attacks fueled by the unholy power of Tzeentch himself.

Path of Strife

The Path of Strife is focused on directly and brutally crushing your foes. A master of Strife will be likely to favor a Greatweapon instead of a shield, greatly increasing their offensive power at the cost of sacrificing the protections that a shield would otherwise offer. They will be easily capable of picking up a shield when the situation calls for it...but they wont be happy about it.

Path of Retaliation

The Path of Retaliation is a cunning Mastery for those who prefer to outlast their enemies, letting their foes beat in futility on a massive shield until theyre exhausted, and then crushing them with deliberate and vicious attacks. A specialist in Retaliation will be the person who defines where the lines of battle will be drawn, since they -are- the front lines.

Path of Discord

The Path of Discord is one that delves more deeply into Tzeentchs gifts, and masters of Discord more fully understand how to manipulate the Chaos forces that swirl within them. They can unleash blasts of magical power, or twist the magical energies to unnaturally enhance their melee attacks. Their understanding of the nature of magic is still relatively shallow, however, and they can not hope to approach the skill or power of a true magus, but even their brief flashes of otherworldly energy are enough to empower them as potent melee combatants.

Class Changes

  • Destined for Victory tactic given a 10s internal cooldown (up from 3s).
  • Removed the -10% damage debuff effect from the tactic Crippling Strikes and replaced it with Wasteland Ruse, a curse which (on critical hit) increases the recipients chance to be critically hit by 10% (link).
  • Hastened Dismissal tactic now grants the cooldown reduction of Repel only if you are wielding a Great Weapon (link)
  • Discordant Fluctuation will now only proc on damage received, not defended (link)
  • Tactic Oppressing Blows now additionally causes the melee channel ability Relentless to deal Spiritual damage(link)