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The Elves of northern kingdoms are a hardy folk, self sufficient; they live in the wilds of the northernmost coast of Ulthuan. The land of Chrace is a bulwark against invasion and her hunters prowl the woodlands for Dark Elf raiding parties, spies and assassins. It was one such hunting party that saved Caledor the First from certain doom at the hand of an assassin's blade. These hunters became known as "White Lions". A name taken for their fierceness and courage in battle, and the pelts earned by slaying a great White Lion in single combat. Deeply attuned to the natural world the Chracian hunter do not kill the white lions out of hand, and the greatest of their order have been known to raise a cub into a powerful War Lion trained to savage their foes on the field of battle.

White Lion Specialty

While the vast majority of White Lions serve in the Phoenix King's honor guard, there is a smaller subset of hunters more in tune with nature who take onto themselves the responsibility of fostering the War Lions of Chrace. A lion cub would doubtless become a savage and deadly beast if left in the wild, but with expert care a young white lion can become as loyal as a Griffon. Reared with a firm hand and tenderness these "tame" white lions swiftly form a bond with the Chracian hunter that fosters them. Fiercely protective of their masters and their adopted pride, these lions are thereafter known as "War Lions" for they make formidable weapons on the battlefield. Elder War Lions are a menace on the field of battle, pulling powerful chariots that carry the White Lions into battle. Younger, less experienced War Lions accompany their masters into battle where the hunter can keep a close eye on the beast, training it in the art of war. Woe to the foe who stumbles upon a stalking hunter and his lion! For them death is inevitable, the only question is will it be by axe or by claw?

Playing as a White Lion

Playing a White Lion is all about synergy between the hunter and his savage beast. Both the White lion and the War lion are strong individual fighters, however it is when they work together that they truly become a fearsome foe. Through careful training the White Lions of Chrace train a War Lion up from a cub, hunter and beast learning and growing together. How your charge is trained is up to the individual; some may train their lion to stand side by side with them on the field of battle taking down multiple foes in a flurry of axe and claw. Some War Lions are trained to be savage fighters, drawing attention away from the White Lion and his allies so they can strike an opponent's undefended flanks. Particularly courageous White Lions stride into battle, drawing attention to themselves while their feline partner lies in the shadows ready to leap from behind!

Fighting against a White Lion

Engaging a White Lion in close combat is always a dangerous situation. Not only is the master a hardy warrior but you have to worry about his savage little friend as well! The safest way to deal with the pair is to destroy the master from range, for the War Lion on its own, while formidable, reverts to its more feral nature losing the advantages of its master's training.

If you are tasked with the unenviable job of engaging the White Lion in close combat you must pay careful attention to the duo's tactics. By watching the positioning of master and beast you can determine who is the larger threat and finish them off first!

Career Masteries

Originating in the northern clans of the High Elves, the White Lion is a hardy fighter who uses defensive and offensive power to bring enemies to their knees. The White Lions live up to their name, fighting with the ferocity of lions, while retaining the grace of the hunter. At the end of martial training, prospective White Lion candidates are sent into the wilds to find and slay an actual white lion. When they do so, the pelt of that lion is skinned and used as the main decoration for the White Lion. If the prospective White Lion fails, he is killed, most often by the lion.

The White Lion class of the High Elves is the tank of the High Elves, making him the one to take the majority of damage in battle. With his survival techniques and strong fortitude, the White Lion is capable of holding his own against any foe.

Path Of the Hunter

White Lions who choose the path of the Hunter embrace the ways of the wild and fight shoulder to shoulder with their War Lion. The two stride into battle side by side in a balanced assault that is capable of spreading damage around to multiple targets with ease. This path requires the least amount of Master & Pet coordination so damage against a single foe is lessened.

Path of the Axeman

White Lions who choose this path focus on the Mastery of their fine woodsman axes, preferring instead to use their lions as distractions as they approach from the side or Rear. The path of the Axeman requires good coordination with your War Lion or your group members so you can be allowed to strike from an unguarded flank.

Path of the Guardian

White Lions who choose this path focus on diverting attention from their War Lion or Group members so that they can do maximum damage. The path of the guardian does not directly increase the White Lion's own defenses significantly but focuses more on reducing his opponents damage output and distracting them from the War Lion or individual group mates.

Class Changes

  • Ensnare morale 1 now deals 300 damage at rank 40 (down from 900) (link)
  • Flying Axe morale 2 now deals its damage instantly (link)
  • Close Combat is a new archetype tactic for all melee DPS classes. This tactic provides a 25% damage reduction against ranged and magical damage for 2s after using a direct damage, single target, melee ability on an enemy. This reduction does not stack with localized damage reductions such as Detaunt or Guard. (link)
  • Trained to Kill augmented stats are changed. Now, Toughness increases the Strength for the pet, and Wounds increases the Weapon Skill. (link)
  • Loner tactic removes the cooldown of pounce. You are unable to summon a lion with this tactic slotted. (link)
  • Protector of the Pack, requires 9 points in Guardian tree. 40 AP cost, 30s duration, 30s cooldown Guard ability for the pet. As long as the pet is within 50ft of the player, the player will take 50% of pet damage and 35% of the pet's generated hate. Damage is unmitigated but can be parried.
  • Brutal Pounce moved to 13 points in Guardian (up from 9pt) (link)
  • Leonine Frenzy moved to 15 points in Guardian (up from 13pt) (link)
  • Rampage (former 15 point ability) moved to core. Requires level 40. If this ability is used, all morale abilities go on cooldown for 5 minutes. (link)
  • Pounce and Fetch require you to be on the ground in order to activate. (link)
  • WL pets now deal less damage if too far away from the owner or if the height difference is too large. It scales as follows. (link)
    • Full damage if within 40 feet.
    • 30% reduction if between 40 and 65 feet.
    • 50% reduction if between 65 and 100 feet.
    • 75% reduction if over 100 feet away or if the height difference is greater or equal to that of a keep wall
  • Reduced White Lion pet knockdown Brutal Pounce duration to 2s (from 3s) (link)
  • Pounce cooldown is increased to 10s and will grant a 3s, 35% movement speed boost to the player when they land. Speed boost is removed upon using any ability
  • Pet wounds, toughness, weapon skill, strength, and initiative are reduced, however:
    • Points in Hunter tree grant strength and weapon skill to your pet
    • Points in the Axeman tree grant toughness and initiative to your pet
    • Points in the Guardian tree grant wounds, toughness, weapon skill, strength, and initiative to your pet