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Tuskgors are the result of wild boars that have been tainted by the warping influence of the Ruinous Powers. Their heads are festooned with multiple razor-sharp tusks, jutting out at odd angles to rend and tear anyone unfortunate enough to be caught up in their path.

Anyone 'lucky' enough to survive the goring of a Tuskgor charge is likely to wind up trampled under the beast's hooves and its several hundred pounds of porcine flesh.

Tome Unlocks

Task Rewards Order Text Destruction Text
Encounter a Tuskgor XP: 84 N/A
Kill 25 Tuskgors XP: 204 N/A
Not Trying To Hide Title: The Tuskgor Hunter, XP: 336 Bastion Stair: Gather a specific Item
Kill 100 Tuskgors XP: 500 N/A
Tough Meat Pocket: Gorducken, XP: 806 Praag: Vanquish a Champion Monster
Kill 1,000 Tuskgors Pocket: Tuskgor Saddle, XP: 1050 N/A
Saving Face Chaos Tactic Fragment, XP: 1476 Eataine: Gather a Specific Item High Pass: Gather Specific Items and Deliver Them to Someone in Need
Kill 10,000 Tuskgors Title: The Wildtusk Foe, XP: 1716 N/A
Tusk for Tusk Chaos Tactic Fragment, XP: 1800 Eataine: Vanquish a Champion Monster
Kill 100,000 Tuskgors Title: Tuskbreaker, XP: 1974 N/A