The Shadowlands History and Lore

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This category lists the Tome of Knowledge History & Lore unlocks for The Shadowlands.

Unlocks for Order & Destruction

  • Nagarythe

Proximity unlock, in small camp near the road around 42k 31k. (Not implemented yet)

  • A People Divided

Proximity unlock, on the western coast near 3k 28k look on a hilltop for a statue overlooking the sea. (Not implemented yet)

  • Dark Magic

Interact with a 'Worn Cage' near 54.2k 3.6k.

  • The Noble Houses of Naggaroth

Interact with a scroll 'Weathered Scroll' (52.8k 31.7k) on ground between two trees that are really close from each other, southeast of Order PQ 'Forgotten Future' and northeast of Major Landmark 'Elbisar'. The scroll is near 3 'Duskclaw Panthers', one of them is on the scroll.

  • Rise to Power

Interact with a 'Forgotten Tablet' found at 63.2k 40.4k near Forellion Lightbringer.

  • Land of Chill

Interact with the tent 'General Issue Tent' at 12.3k 44.5k.

  • Intrigues of the Dark Elves

Interact with an 'Emptied Coffer' on top of a hill around 25.6k 13.6k located at the base of a tree.

Note: There is another History & Lore unlock close 'The Price of Vengeance'.

  • The Shadow Warriors' Vigil

Interact with a 'Recent Campfire' (1.4k 14.5k) in Shattered Basin, near Dark Elf Chapter 6, southwest of Sundered Strand.

  • The Price of Vengeance

Interact with an 'Emptied Weapon Rack' (29.1k 14.5k) on the south side of a large spire.

Note: There is another History & Lore unlock close 'Intrigues of the Dark Elves'.

  • The Outer Kingdoms

Interact with a scroll 'Outer Kingdoms Map' (14.7k 15.3k) at the entrance to a small tent in the Shattered Basin, close to Dark Elf Champion NPC Ardelon Nisothar.