The Blighted Isle History and Lore

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This category lists the Tome of Knowledge History & Lore unlocks for The Blighted Isle.

Unlocks for Order Only

  • The Shining Guard

Talk to Eliryel Sorrowblade the career trainer near Prince Eldrion at 43.1k 8.8k.

  • Eltharin, Language of the High Elves

Interact with a book called 'A Dusty Old Tome' (39.9k 1.8k) on a bench in starting area Elf Chap 1, just north of the tower,

  • Benevolent Protectors

You get this by participating / exploring any PQ just outside of Adunei : The Swale of Miralei (42.3k 35k), The Forlorn Isle (37.3k 28.3k) and Thanalorn Forest (41.k 20.6k). (Not implemented yet)

  • Masters of Sword, Bow and Spear

Interact with 'Plundered Weapon Rack' (52.2k 8.3k) at House Arkaneth Order PQ. As you face the large building, there is a wardrobe tucked away on the left. A 'House Arkaneth Shade' stands in front of it.

  • Ancient History

Interact with the 'Empty Bookshelf' (56k 13.9k) located deep inside the Halls of Lileath (54.5k 14.2k), the tower where you complete the quest 'Tears of Lileath'. Make your way into the same room where the scrolls and tears are gathered, but upon entering the doorway, turn immediately to your right and you'll find the 'Empty Bookshelf'.

  • The War of the Beard

Interact with the scroll 'A Personal Letter' on a table in Lacorith Village (37.6k 37.7k).

Unlocks for Destruction Only

  • The Beastmasters of Karond Kar

Interact with a chain, labeled 'Manacles of Wrought Iron' (14.8k 47.8k) in the ruins north of Chapter 3 camp. The chains are located on the right-hand of the ruins obscured by a twisted tree, it's behind, well hidden.

  • House Uthorin

Interact with a banner 'House Uthorin Ensign' (12.2k 33.1k) outside the south side (facing the lake) of the tent containing Kerryn Darkwater, in the Mistwood camp (Dark Elf Chapter 2).

  • The Witch King

Interact with a banner 'Dark Elf Gonfalon' (60k 40k) on the east side of a big tent by the sea in Eranneth.

  • Vile Perversions

Interact with an elf corpse 'Defiled Body' (33.3k 27.6k) in the Northeast corner of Mistwood Grove Destruction PQ.

  • Dark Elf Treachery

Interact with a paper 'A Discarded Message' (8.8k 19.9k) on the ground. It is next to 2 elf ballists.

  • The Black Arks of Naggaroth

Stand on the ledge, overlooking the Black Ark (10.3k 8.9k), to the east of the Black Ark Landing camp (Dark Elf starting area, chap 1). (Not implemented yet)