The Blighted Isle

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The Blighted Isle is the first tier zone for both the Destruction Dark Elf army of House Uthorin and the Order High Elf army of the Shining Guard. The Isle is situated in the Great Ocean to the north of Chrace on Ulthuan. The Isle is rugged and windy and parts are barren and craterous. The Blighted Isle is the sacred place of Khaine the Elven God of war and murder and has seen many battles rage for control of it. The Isle holds special spiritual and tactical importance for both Asur and Druchii, the two Elven kindreds.

PvE Content

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Tome of Knowledge

Public Quests and Chapters

Order Public Quests Destruction Public Quests
High Elf Chapter 1

High Elf Chapter 2

High Elf Chapter 3

Dark Elf Chapter 1

Dark Elf Chapter 2

Dark Elf Chapter 3


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