The Badlands Bestiary Unlocks

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This category lists the Tome of Knowledge Bestiary Unlocks for The Badlands.

Creature Task Rewards
Vulture Feeding Time... Title: The Main Course, XP: 336
Gnoblar Sum of the Whole Jewel ItemOathstone of Karak Eight Peaks, XP: 1800
Goblin, Night Goblin Good Night Goblin Title: The Frightful, XP: 336
Orc, Black Orc What do We Have Here? Pocket: Lucky Humie's Hand, XP: 1476
Orc, Savage Orc Fungus Amoung Us Title: The Civil, XP: 336
Orc, Savage Orc Scar'd for Life Bestial Token, XP: 806
Snotling Miscreant Memories Pocket: Steamtrain Token, XP: 806
Ghoul Foul Amongst the Fowl Beastial Tactic Fragment, XP: 806
Ogre, Tyrant Not What It Appears Title: The Liberator, XP: 204
Skaven Sign of the Times Title: Skaven Splitter, XP: 336
Troll Who Is Up for Seconds Pocket: A Troll's Pet Kitty, XP: 806