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Soldier's Emblem is Tier 3 Scenario currency. It's possible to gain it in all scenario Tiers. The reason it's called Tier 3 currency is because it is used mainly to buy a Tier 3 Scenario set and weapons.


Soldier's Emblem can be obtained from:

  1. Drop loots by killing players with Renown Rank from 22 to 31 within any Scenario. There is a % chance, the player will drop emblem, not a guaranteed drop,
  2. Completing a Scenario while being at Renown Rank from 22 to 31,
  3. Being first in any of the following category: Killing Blows, Damage, Healing, Protection or Objectives in Scenario while being at Renown Rank from 22 to 31,
  4. Completing "Win X scenario" quest while being at Career Rank from 16 to 30,
  5. Vendor for 5 Scout's Emblems,
  6. Satchel of Soldier's Emblems bought for Officer's Emblem.

Used for

Soldier's Emblem is used to purchase:

  1. Duelist set,
  2. Soldier's Healing Draught,
  3. Soldier's Stimulant Potion,
  4. Officer's Healing Elixir,
  5. Officer's Phial of Adrenaline,
  6. Officer's Elixir of Rejuvenation,
  7. Officer's Alacritious Elixir,
  8. Tier 3 Scenario Weapons - Cruelty / Sanctity (Rank 24, Renown Rank 24).
  9. Tier 3 Scenario Weapons - Ferocity / Rigor (Rank 29, Renown Rank 29).

These items are sold by vendors:

For Order - Altdorf - War Quaters - Sergeant Lonrella.

For Destruction - The Inevitable City - Undercroft - Herlad Orelon.

Merchant locations

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Renown Merchant Destruction.jpg