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He's got Waaagh!, and he's not afraid to use it! What more can you say about a lad who gets the big Waaagh! going when the boyz roll out? The Shaman channels the primal bloodlust of the greenskins into effects both beneficial and baleful. He keeps the lads up and running far beyond their normal capabilities, and calls the wrath of the twin deities, Gork and Mork, down upon his enemies. One feeds the other, and around he goes, delivering a deadly combination of healing magic and stomping, pummeling power with nary a pause.

Shaman Specialty

Greenskins live for battle, and fighting provides the strange and twisted power that fuels their magic. By participating in battle – calling down the wrath of Gork and Mork, or just being up in the fight with the lads – the Shaman taps into the collective frenzy to gain Waaagh! power. This gathered Waaagh! energy drives the strength of his supporting magic to new heights. With Waaagh! power blazing in his eyes, his spells can heal more wounds or empower his allies to achieve feats of unbelievable destruction.

Playing as Shaman

As a Shaman, youll have to walk a careful line in balancing your offensive and support abilities. You can achieve the greatest rate of healing by focusing on that skill exclusively. You can maximize your rate of damage by focusing purely on those abilities. However, focusing on a single talent will lessen your overall impact on the battle. The strength your support skills gain from an ongoing Waaagh! is significant. Using your offensive magic to contribute directly to the fight will increase the power of your support magic, allowing you to better help your group.

Fighting against a Shaman

With the Shamans power to support and enhance his allies, he is at his strongest when he fights with a team. With this in mind, youd be advised to take the earliest opportunity to eliminate him – an opportunity his group mates will do their best to deny you. In each fight you must carefully weigh the opposition, and determine the best time to strike at the Shaman. Attack too early and you risk facing deadly reprisals from the Shamans uninjured allies. Attack too late and you may lack the power to overcome the groups Waaagh! enhanced defenses.

Career Masteries

Any time the Greenskins declare a WAAAGH! and go to war (which is to say, any time they go anywhere), their endless thirst for battle produces an almost-palpable energy in the air. Over time, clever Goblins learned to harness the power of the WAAAGH!, and Shaman take advantage of this to support their allies in combat.

Channeling the WAAAGH! power, Shaman can produce all types of spectacular green magic, which he can unleash as a testament to the might of the Greenskin dieties, Gork and Mork. Greenskins are a little unclear on exactly which god it is that they worship at any given moment, however, so the Shaman decide to play it safe and offer up power to both. This constant back-and-forth between Mork and Gork allows a Shaman to greatly improve his magic, making their dimutive figures into unexpectedly powerful forces on the battlefield.

Path Of Mork

This path is primarily focused on healing and restoring the Shamans allies. As he casts spells from this path, the Shaman builds up the power of Morks WAAAGH!, which he can then use to fling swift and powerful offensive magic. Because of this, many an enemy who dismissed a Morkish specialist as unthreatening has quickly learned a brutal - and fatal - lesson.

Path Of Gork

A specialist in this path prefers to destroy his enemies first, and tend to his allies later. By blasting his enemies into oblivion, the Shaman builds up the power of Gorks WAAAGH!, which can then be used to hasten and improve his healing magics.

Path Of Da Green

Not wanting to get caught between Gork and Mork, a master of this path simply declares that green is best, and promptly goes about making his allies even greener and better than they were before. Naturally, anyone who isnt green must be put into their place, and a specialist in this path is equally adept at crippling and hindering his enemies as well.

Class Changes

  • Gedoff! (Path of Gork 5pt ability) swapped with 'Scuse Me! (Path of Da Green 5pt ability) (link)
  • Burst O' Waaagh! now builds an extra point only when mechanic points are being built, not consumed (link)
  • Gork's Barbs is now on a 20s cooldown and will inflict direct damage in a 30ft aoe when the target receives a direct heal (cannot trigger more than once every second) (link)
  • Mechanic: Casting a damage spell with 1 healing point or a healing spell with 1 damage point will now result in having no mechanic points instead of 1 mechanic point of the opposite type to the one that was consumed; now additionally reduces the AP costs of cast time spells by 40%. (link)
  • Gimme Dat! core tactic added that makes I'll Take That! and Fury of Da Green 20% less likely to be defended (block/disrupt). (link)
  • Fury of Da Green functionally changed: at level 40, inflicts 359 Spirit damage on your target and 4 other enemies within 20 feet, healing your defensive target and all allies within 20 feet of them for 358 health per target hit plus 150% of the total damage you dealt. AP cost increased to 50 from 35, casts on the move if mechanic points are consumed, and cooldown increased to 8s from 5s. (link)
  • I'll Take That! AP cost increased to 45 from 30, casts on the move if mechanic points are consumed, and heals for an additional 600 + Willpower stat at level 40, but damage component does not benefit from Intelligence stat. (link)
  • Sticky Feetz radius extended to meet its visual effects (link)
  • Resurrection Illness now applies a 25% stat debuff, down from 50%, still excluding wounds (link)