Old Oozeback

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Old Oozeback.jpg

The Lair of Old Oozeback is home to Old Oozeback, a rank 40 Troll Hero located in the Marshes of Madness, at 25.1k 60.6k. He is on his own and not guarded.

The Lair is located in the southwest region of the Fetid Bog directly west of the southern most area of water on the map. The Lair is in the mountains and is reached by jumping up a set of rock outcrops which form a stairway.

Approaching the lair will trigger an Achievements unlock. (Not implemented yet)


Killing Old Oozeback drops level 36 blue boots:

Warrior Priest Bright Wizard Knight of the Blazing Sun Witch Hunter
Oozing Spatterguards.png
Oozing Ashboots.png
Runepriest Engineer Ironbreaker Slayer
Oozing Steadkeeps.png
Oozing Chargers.png
Archmage Shadow Warrior Swordmaster White Lion
Oozing Slippers.png
Oozing Softsoles.png
Oozing Shinsteels.png
Zealot Magus Chosen Marauder
Oozing Footwraps.png
Oozing Daemonspurs.png
Oozing Darkboots.png
Oozing Tramplers.png
Shaman Squig Herder Black Orc Choppa
Oozing Morkyfeets.png
Oozing Squigkickas.png
Oozing Feetsplate.png
Oozing Stompas.png
Disciple of Khaine Sorcerer Blackguard Witch Elf
Oozing Bloodwades.png
Oozing Wardshoes.png
Oozing Greaves.png
Oozing Thighbinds.png