Konstantine's Court

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Konstantine's Court

Konstantine gathers his forces. Slay one of his commanders to stop the undead tide!

Konstantine's Court is part of the Hexensnacht Live Event, and players must solve thirteen riddles to locate and kill thirteen targets across the world.

The full list of Riddles can be found below:

List of Riddles

1. In the desolate land filled with creatures of bile, waits one who for Ungols has intentions so vile. Two great teeth arise from the dreary foetid morass, behind great is he who the living does harass. Near lower is Ungol's mount full of grace, its heart will tempt him with rot-eaten face.

2. Strygos did rise from the sandswept land of Kadon, all bowed to its might before its fate was foregone. Pay homage did all at the Ambassador's Hall, though one did not depart when the realm did fall.

3. Cursed is the city whose streets echo with dread, grim are the living who remain and have not fled. Baroness to the living stays at home to play her part, daughter of Darkness hides within her a bleeding dead heart.

4. Claws of death in waves wash upon the battered shore. To shield the yellow and blue banner once he swore. For command o'er dead, the living did he betray. Sealed behind unmarked tomb to the general's bones lay.

5. O how the trees do darken the sky, shadows does chase the bull with his eye. Scholar of darkness consumed by his work, in an unholy crypt does he now lurk.

6. Pious fools at the gap of obsidian pray to their god, though one at the city of priests saw through the divine fraud. He taught that Death should be embraced by the living Duke's soul; he will answer his master's call at the sound of the toll.

7. Between the lands of men and fiery dawn rest spires of stone, misfortune to all who enter the lair of those who groan. First of kings to bend his knee though not of the same bloodline, like rats the infestation grows in overrun goldmine.

8. Over the land watches eagle black of feather, below his gaze lurks he who speaks to the nether. No longer does the priest of Morr tend to him that dies, for the fallen spiriter sees that the dead will rise.

9. Jealous of power is the twisted kin of tainted blood, shunned by society he reigns over green slime and mud. Wood grows from murky waters, darkened stone sink into earth; topple the stones to face him whose soul is naught by a dearth.

10. God of nature rules over his amber-swept land; though he may try, he will hold back Death's hand. At his shrine noble heart beats pure, a bloody offering Death to lure. Find the giant whose grinding arms no longer flail, upon dark altar summon from beyond the veil.

11. Empire thrown by faternal bloodshed into turmoil, barbaric chieftain would strike from his home of frigid soil. Chosen among men by the gods, such was his martial worth. Claimed by Death, entombed he waits in the land of his birth.

12. Around frigid tors whips the icy gale, whose bloodchill is rivalled by daughter's wail. Those without form the Kiss cannot bring back, to the forlorn she sings when ice will crack.

13. Where the sun sets over the Bastion of the North, the Bride of Death calls for the willing to come forth. Scorned by her love she hasn't a heart of her own, any who face her have seen death and long since flown. An offering of twelve she demands of those who tempt her gaze, bring them still beating and cast them into the fiery blaze.