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The green moon Morrslieb draws nearer, and mysterious energies swirl in the long nights. Hexensnacht is upon us!

Hexensnacht is an upcoming Live Event that begins on June 10th, 2022.

As with other Live Events, Hexensnacht gives players a list of tasks to accomplish, and by achieving these, players can earn special rewards.

Event Tasks

A potential list of tasks for the upcoming Hexensnacht Live Event. (Note: This list may change.)

Note: The following tasks may be subject to change when the event goes live.

  • Complete Strictures of Morr (Order) / Putting Death in its Place (Destruction) (Event Quest line)
  • Kill 200 Enemy Players
  • Participate in 5 High Pass Scenarios
  • Win a High Pass Cemetary Scenario
  • Participate in 5 Garden of Morr Scenarios
  • Win a Garden of Morr Scenario
  • Kill 50 undead Minions in the Garden of Morr
  • Use the Signet of the Cursed Company in the Garden of Morr
  • /pray for each career of your faction as they go to Morr's Embrace
  • Kill a Member of Konstantine's Court (Riddle-based)
  • Complete all Hexensnacht Tasks

Strictures of Morr / Putting Death in its Place

Strictures of Morr / Putting Death in its Place is a new quest line that will send players across zones from Tier 1 all the way to Tier 4.

While the quest line is primarily PvE based, players are given a special option near the end and may select either a PvP-focused or a PvE-focused route.

Order players can begin this quest in the Altdorf Temple of Sigmar by talking to Lector Reinhart.

Destruction players can take this quest in The Inevitable City's Temple of Change by speaking to Kinsbek Spine Shifted.

Konstantine's Court

Similar to the Dwarf and Greenskin live events of years past, this event features riddles that will lead you to targets to kill in the open world.

There are thirteen riddles and thirteen targets to kill. To view the riddles, click on the Kill A Member of Konstantine's Court text in your Tome of Knowledge.

You can also click here to view a full list of the riddles.

Event Rewards

Once the event goes live, a full list of Event Rewards will be listed here.

Twitch Drops

Players can earn a large number of bonus rewards via Twitch drops during this event.

Players can also earn Twitch Drops tied to the Hexensnacht event from June 10th until June 17th.

For more information, please see this thread on the RoR forums.