Greenskins T2 Epic Quest Boss Huntin'

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First, you have to take the quest "Boss Huntin'" in Barak Varr at Chapter 5 from Thugga.

Step 1

Kill 10 Hammerstriker Rangers at the Public Quest 'Danurgi's Rangers'.

Then return to Thugga.

Step 2

Travel south to the Marshes of Madness in the Greenskin Chapter 6 and speak with Shaman Nrax.

Step 3

Kill 10 Murdogh Dwarfs in the nearby PQ 'Battle at Blood Fen'.

Return to Shaman Nrax.

Step 4

Travel north into Barak Varr to speak with Rottoof in the Greenskin Chapter 7.

Step 5

Talk to 3 One Tusks west of the Greenskin Chapter 7.

Return to Rottoof.

Step 6

Travel north and speak with Skitz in the Greenskin Chapter 8, in the huge cavern at 56k/26k.

Step 7

At 52.2k/25.7k fight:

- 2 Goblin Raiders

- 3 Goblin Pillagers

- 2 Orc Raiders

When done, interrogate the One Tusk Big'Un.

Return to Skitz when complete.

Step 8

Go outside the cave and speak to Gnashfang at 55.6k/10.8k.

Step 9

Kill Nogaz inside his hut at 45k/11k.

Once done, continue to the west and turn in your quest to Mobash at the Greenskin Chapter 9.

Step 10

Loot 4 Lobber Rocks on the beach near the chapter, and take them to Fwosh on the hill at 23k/15k.

Step 11

Use the Rock Lobber right next to Fwosh then talk to him again.

Step 12

Return to the Chapter 9 to speak with Heem.

Step 13

Speak with Nomiz outside the encampment.

Step 14

Eventually kill the Runepriestess Stelvia (Champion level 17) not far from Nomiz.

Return to Heem to turn in your quest and claim your reward.


Copy this link in your macro window or in the /s channel in game to know the rewards at the end of the quest:

<LINK data="QUEST:49074" text="[Boss Huntin']" color="243,228,103">