Fortress Weapons

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What are Fortress Weapons?

Fortress Weapons require War Crests, Gold, and a Subjugator Weapon to acquire.

Fortress Weapons are a category of top-tier weapons in Return of Reckoning.

In addition to having some of the best stats available for weapons, each Fortress Weapon also features a unique visual appearance.

How do I acquire a Fortress Weapon?

The Invader Merchant in your Capital City's palace will sell your Fortress Weapons.

To purchase and equip a Fortress Weapon, you'll need:

  • A Subjugator Weapon of the same weapon type as the Fortress Weapon you would like. (If you want the Fortress Shield, you must trade in the Subjugator Shield.)
  • The Invader Ward must be unlocked in your Armory.
  • 800 War Crests and 50 gold for a One-handed Weapon, or 1600 War Crests and 100 gold for a Two-handed Weapon.

Finally, your character must be Renown Rank 66 or higher to equip the weapon.

Fortress Weapon Procs

While featuring better stats, Fortress Weapons inherit the same bonus proc of their previous Subjugator chain. Those procs are:

Every Fortress Weapon features an original, unique design.
  • 1-handed Offensive: On hit, 5% chance to jolt target for 360 damage.
  • 1-handed Shield: On being hit, 3% chance to form a protective barrier that absorbs 360 damage over 5 seconds.
  • 2-handed Offensive (One of the following):
    • Each time an enemy deals direct damage to you with an ability, you have a 12% chance to increase your movement speed by 20% for 5 seconds. Effect can trigger once every 5 seconds and will end once you use an ability.
    • Guile - On Hit: 10% Chance to lower incoming healing on target by 25 for 10 seconds.
    • Shock X - On hit: 5% chance to shock target for 360 Elemental Damage.

Note that the 2H weapon procs vary depending on your class, and are not always mirrored.

Some, like Guile, can be found on White Lion, Slayer, and Ironbreaker, but are not found on any Destruction classes.

Are Fortress Weapons the best in the game?

Possibly, but this depends largely on your build.

For example, some DPS classes with two weapons may combine both Fortress and Bloodlord in order to gain the Bloodlord 5% damage increase alongside the Fortress Crit chance and damage proc.

Where can I buy my Fortress Weapon?

  • Order players can purchase them from Killbjorn Grimstone, Invader's Medallion Quartermaster, in the North Altdorf Palace.
  • Destruction players can purchase them from Skullsplitta Badaxe, Invader's Medallion Quartermaster, in the North Citadel of The Inevitable City.