Fast Finds

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Fast Finds is a Tome of Knowledge Bestiary entry for Spider, Giant.

Instructions: Order

Not implemented yet

Kill 60 'Warpweb Spiders' and 'Warpweb Broodlings' in Chrace in a large zone around 45.5k 42.7k. Then return to the Kill Collector, Elthossar Youngstar, in the Cliffs of Ushuru to complete the Kill Quest 'Toxic Shock'.

Instructions: Destruction

Not implemented yet

Kill 60 'Scarlet Wolf Spiders' and 'Grey Wolf Spiders', in Nordland mainly around 48k 40k, to complete the quest for the Kill Collector, Golen, in Authun's Host (Chaos Chapter 4).


  • Beastial Tactic Fragment
  • XP: 806