Dark Elves T1 Epic Quest Legend and Infamy

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First, you have to take the quest "Legend and Infamy" in The Blighted Isle at the Dark Elf Chapter 2 from Kerryn Darkwater.

Step by Step Guide

Step 1

Run southwest and speak with Volruc Kinslayer at 6.8k/37.1k.

Step 2

Go north and kill 8 Dark Isle Shadows, Observers and Dusk-Walkers until you have collected 8 Shadow Warrior Heads.

Once done, run south to where Volruc is, and place the heads on the pikes in front of him.

Step 3

Report back to Kerryn Darkwater at Dark Elf Chapter 2.

Step 4

Go to the nearby PQ 'Nimosar' and kill :

- 3 Nimosar Warriors

- 2 Nimosar Guardians

You should have looted the item 'Whitewrath Crest'. If not, keep killing Nimosar Warriors and Guardians until one drops it.

Once done, examine the Whitewrath Crest to complete and turn in your quest.

Step 5

Run south and speak with Setir Fellgaze at the Dark Elf Chapter 3.

Step 6

At the nearby PQ 'Dreamshade Forest', kill 8 Dreamshade Ambushers.

They drop the item 'Lionmane Crest' , examine it to complete and turn in your quest.

Step 7

Travel south into Chrace and kill Gerevus Lionmane. You can find him in the northern part of the PQ 'Gon'Seraph'.

Examine the Haydion's Missive he drops.

Step 8

At the south, click on one of the corpses of the Dreadblight Sorceresses. Then report to Sorceress Rathia at the Dark Elf Chapter 4.

Step 9

Click on the Rubric of Destruction in the southern part of the PQ 'Tor Achare', where Hoeth Magi are.

Step 10

Report back to Sorceress Rathia at the Dark Elf Chapter 4.

Step 11

At the PQ 'Lionhome Lodge', kill 8 Lion Hunters and Selarya Goldenmane.

Return to Sorceress Rathia.

Step 12

Go south to the PQ 'Stone of Valetear' to kill 8 Shining Guard Knights and Kerilas Lorean.

Return to Sorceress Rathia.

Step 13

Find and click on the corpse of Ramoth Deathbringer atop the cliff's edge at 23.6k/12.5k.

Step 14

Kill Haydion Whitewrath who is hiding near and take his head.

Then pike his head on the Central Spike in the center of the Dark Elf Chapter 4.

Step 15

Speak with Sorceress Rathia one last time and claim your reward.

Quest Rewards

You can copy this link in your macro window or in the /s channel in game to see the rewards at the end of the quest:

<LINK data="QUEST:42333" text="[Legend and Infamy]" color="243,228,103">