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  • Character first name:

The first name is reserved upon creating your new character or renaming a new one, that being said, you'll launch your game with a first name only and you will be able to rename your character once you hit R40 RR40. You will also have a rename token that can be used once per month by writing in your chat ".namechange". This will trigger a character rename and you will need to relog to choose and apply a new name.

Character names are subject to Return of Reckoning's Terms of Use and can result in severe punishments if found breaching these rules with inhuman, racist, sexist or morally inacceptable names.

  • Character last name:

The last name of your character can be bought in the city and can be changed at any given time. In order to get yourself a last name, you will need to spend 5 gold. Last names are also subject to Terms of Use and consequences.

  • April 2021 Patch Changes:

As of the patch that was released on the 28th of April 2021, a new automation system has been implemented that allows the release of inactive characters' names. This new system will check and refresh on the spot all the character names that have been released. So if the name you're seeking wasn't released yet, you can check every few days or months!

The characters and their equipment will not be affected.