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Last Name Vendors

Order players can speak to Registrar Harlen in Northern Altdorf.

Characters in Return of Reckoning can gain a Surname, or Last Name, by speaking to Name Registrar NPCs.

These Name Registrars can be easily located in Capital cities like Altdorf and The Inevitable City, and are marked on your map with an "Abc" symbol.

To purchase a surname, you will need 5 gold.

  • Note: Like first names, surnames also have some limitations and certain words may not be allowed.

Order Name Registrar Location

Destruction players can speak to Saldis Stormrend in the north section of The Inevitable City.

Order players should seek out Registrar Harlen, located just North/northeast of the Altdorf central square and near the path that leads to Karl Franz' palace.

Registrar Harlen's exact location is around 26,500 / 29,800 on your map.

Destruction Name Registrar Location

Destrucction players should look for Saldis Stormrend, located North in The Inevitable City and just to the right of the gates that lead to the Citadel.

Saldis Stormrend's exact location is around 31,000 / 25,000.