Broken Men, Broken Blades

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Broken Men, Broken Blades is a Tome of Knowledge Bestiary entry for Wight.

Instructions: Order & Destruction

  1. Kill 'Kulian Bonewarriors' and 'Kulian Bonearchers' in High Pass around 33.6k 24k, in the 'Keep of Asavar Kul' Destruction PQ, until you get 5 'Broken Wight Blades'.
  2. Then trade them for a Pocket Item 'Restored Wight Blade':
  • For Order: To Library Assistant in the Library at Altdorf. Equip it for the unlock.
  • For Destruction: To Disciple's Assistant in the Lyceum at The Inevitable City. Equip it for the unlock.

Once the unlock triggered, you can claim the cloak buying it from the correct merchant in Library (Order) / Lyceum (Destruction).

Note: The drop rate is low (5%).