A Balancing of Scales

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A Balancing of Scales is a Tome of Knowledge Bestiary entry for Cold One.

Instructions: Order

Not implemented yet

Max out the Kill Collector, Shenassa Blesswind, at Sorrowstrand (High Elf Chapter 6), killing 60 'Snarling Cold Ones' and 'Snarling Scalebacks', in The Shadowlands at 44k 29k and a little northern.

Note: 'Frostsnaps' (Champions) around the lake at 50k 20k do NOT count for this unlock.

Instructions: Destruction

Talk to the Healer, Taelq Ragecrown, in the Dark Elf Chapter 5 (Ruins of Anlec) in The Shadowlands at 37.7k 8.3k.


  • Title: Scale Breaker
  • XP: 336