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The left introduction page shows you a small snippet of what you have accomplished so far in WAR.

  • Your characters name and career
  • Your current title which you can select to change by clicking on the link in your Tome of Knowledge
  • XP from Tome - How much experience points you have gained from the Tome of Knowledge
  • Unlocks - How many Tome unlocks you have accomplished
  • RvR Kills - How many people you have slain in PvP (ORvR, scenarios)
  • Monster Kills - The overall total of monsters slain during your battles. You can see a more detailed list under Bestiary section
  • Time Played - How much time you have spent playing the game

On the right page "New Entries" are listed. This is a list of the most recent unlocks and titles you obtained. You may click on the entries to read the history of them.