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.unlock or .u command used to fix stuck-in-combat problems preventing you from joining a scenario. One attempt every 30 seconds is allowed.

.gmlist or .gm command shows available Game Masters online.

.rules command sends a condensed list of in-game rules.

.assist command switches to friendly target's target.

.tellblock command allows you to block whispers from non-staff players who are outside of your guild.

.getstats command shows your own linear stat bonuses. (You must target yourself first!)

.standard command assigns Standard Bearer Title to the Player.

.ror command shows Help Files for RoR-specific features.

.changename command requests a name change, one per account per month. Keep in mind that you must be L40R40, and in your city (Altdorf/Inevitable City) to request a new name. ( .changename Newname)

.mindread command causes the target creature to broadcast its AI.

/reload or /rel command reloads/refreshes your UI. Quite often it gets rid of stuttering too.

.ab changelist command displays a list of changes made to the career on Return of Reckoning.

.rvrstatus or .rvr command lists all active zones.

.pug command lists the current "pick-up group" scenario (a scenario only solo and duo queued players can join).

.respec gathering type this command to unlearn your gathering skills, and thus be able to learn a new one.

.respec crafting type this command to unlearn your crafting skills, and thus be able to learn a new one.

.guildinvolve to involve your guild in the current zone's campaign. Bonuses for the guild include: all RVR tagged guildies in zone have a 5% contribution bonus for the campaign, gain 5% more XP/INF/RR (which stacks with other bonuses like Potion of Acclaim), bag roll on lock increased by flat 50 points, and resource production from Battle Objectives is increased by 3% per guild involved. Cost is 30g, taken from guild vault. Unlocks at guild rank 14.

.claimkeep to claim the current zone's keep. Bonuses for the guild include: all of the incentives from involving in the campaign, plus the keep cannot de-rank below rank 4 if such rank is acquired. Cost is 80g, taken from guild vault. Unlocks at guild rank 14.

Deprecated Commands

.ab command reveals class's modifications specific to Return of Reckoning.

.ab exmode command enables experimental mode on the current target if the current class supports it.

.tokfix command triggers the missing Tome of Knowledge unlocks and titles of your character. For full set unlocks and titles you need to equip one piece of the set (Note: For Mayhem, it will work with any equipped Mayhem piece except the Helm) (Currently disabled)