Black Fire Pass History and Lore

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This category lists the Tome of Knowledge History & Lore unlocks for Black Fire Pass.

Unlocks for Order & Destruction

  • Beer

Interact with the 'Keg of Beer' (48k 58.9k) at the corner of a ruined tower inside Dwarf Chapter 12.

For Destruction: It is obtainable. I advice you to start climbing around 51.5k 57k, head the ruined tower following the northwest side of the hill. Follow the north wall of the tower, then turn left and you will see the keg.

  • Battle of Black Fire Pass

Approach the tower at Ancient's Reach (44k 20k). (Not implemented yet)

  • The Oath between Men and Dwarfs

Interact with the 'Plunger' (5.9k 22.2k) at the end of the cave 'Orehound's Lament' in RvR lake.

  • Bugman's Brewery

Go to Bugman's Brewery in the RvR zone (25k 19k) and click on 'Long Forgotten Tools', they are behind the building next to a ramp.

  • Dwarf Craftsmanship

Interact with the 'Dwarf Anvil' (5.5k 57k) at Destruction Public Quest Tharadrik Smashin' behind one of the buildings.

  • Sisters of Shallya

Click on the 'Medicine' crate at around 55k 57k, on the right of the Hindelburg door (exterior side).

  • Dwarf Trains

Interact with the book 'Manual for New Engineers' (23k 42k) on top of the tower.

  • Ghal Maraz

Approach the giant statue that is part of the mountainside at 40k 5.7k. (Not implemented yet)

  • Worlds Edge Mountains

Approach the gate in the RvR zone at 1.2k 4.6k. (Not implemented yet)

  • The Time of Woes

Approach the dwarven statue at 46.4k 13.5k. (Not implemented yet)

  • The Path of Sigmar - Part One

Pass the Sigmarite Temple (15k 41k) on the left side. Follow the road starting in back. Interact with 'Roadside Plaque' at (14k 44k) near a statue of Sigmar.

  • The Path of Sigmar - Part Two

Continue the road from part 1. A few corners later in front of an angel statue, interact with another 'Roadside Plaque' (10.3k 41.7k).

  • The Path of Sigmar - Part Three

Keep following the road from part 2. On your right side slightly upwards near another Statue of Sigmar, this one is not in a wooden shrine. Interact again with one 'Roadside Plaque' (4.5k 47k).

  • The Path of Sigmar - Part Four

Follow the road from part 3. you'll come to an open spot. You'll see wooden fence on yer left. The new 'Roadside Plaque' is on the right side near some stones (2k 34.5k).

  • The Path of Sigmar - Conclusion

Follow the road from part 4 all the way up the mountain. At the top right in front of the big Statue of Sigmar and 2 angel statues, you'll find the last 'Roadside Plaque' (1.5k 29k). Interact with it to have the unlock.