Seal of the Exemplar

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Seal of the Exemplar.png

Can be obtained from drop loots within any T2/T3 RvR lake by killing players with Min Rank 16, Zone locks or from quest The Gears of WAR! from High Pass Empire WC and quest The Gifts of WAR! from Talabecland Chaos WC or from quest WAR is Upon Us! from Troll Country Empire WC and quest This is WAR! from Ostland Chaos WC.

You can purchase Overlord and Imperator Sets and also Potion of acclaim but you also need to have Seal of the Paragon for the sets.

Potion of acclaim can be bought with both of the currencies or only with Seal of Exemplar.

Quest givers

Troll Country Empire WC NPC : Warmaster of Sigmar 39k/61k

Ostland Chaos WC NPC : Herald of Khorne 28k/3k

High Pass Empire WC NPC : Engineer Balinor 32k/56k

Talabecland Chaos WC NPC : Herald of Nurgle 22k/66k

Merchant locations

Imperator Merchant.jpg
Thul the Overlord.jpg