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Seal of the Exemplar is one of the auxilliary Open RvR currency mostly used to buy auxilliary 2-piece sets, weapons and Renown potion. Note that all items bought with this currency also require Seal of the Paragon to obtain.


Seal of the Exemplar can be obtained from:

  1. Drop loots by killing players with Renown Rank 16 and above within any Open RvR lake. There is a % chance, the player will drop seal, not a guaranteed drop,
  2. Locking Tier 2 or Tier 3 Open RvR zone while being at Renown Rank 16 and above.
  3. Finishing kill player quests aqquired in any of the Tier 2 Warcamps:
    • For Order - WAR is Upon Us!,
    • For Destruction - This is WAR!,
  4. Finishing kill player quests aqquired in any of the Tier 3 Warcamps:
    • For Order - The Gears of WAR!,
    • For Destruction - The Gifts of WAR!.

Used for

Seal of the Exemplar is used to purchase the:

  1. Overlord set,
  2. Imperator set,
  3. Potion of Acclaim,
  4. Doomsday weapons (Rank 40).

For Order - Altdorf - War Quaters - Imperator Yran.

For Destruction - The Inevitable City - Citadel - Thul the Overlord.

Merchant locations

Imperator Merchant.jpg

Thul the Overlord.jpg